Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Love my hair PT.2
We make our way into school, following our style protocol when I unzip my coat, revealing my outfit;this consists of a smocked flutter sleeve top in Maya Blue along with my medium indigo blue mid rise jeans and classy Lion Brown Oxford Brogues with heels; making sure my hood stays firmly covering my hair. By now there are a multitude of students, crowding the corridor as it’s started to pour down. Chloe goes to the back of me and takes off my coat, finally revealing my hair. She places it on my back , simultaneously remembering to stick my head up,smiling. Both of us stride down the corridor. Countless, strangers eye my hair in fascination of the new style, on the way. As we turn to the locker hallway, that’s when all the compliments hit me.
“Omg! I really like your hairstyle.”
“Wow Dominique! Is that your actual hair?”
“Your hair looks so pretty!”
“Did you go to a hairdresser to get that done? I want to go to the same hairdresser!”
“You have really nice hair!”“You have really nice hair!”
“I LOOVE your hair.”
“You have pretty hair.”
“Dominique, your hair is PENG!”
“That’s some peng hair you have!”
“How do you get your hair like that?!”
“Your hair is SO long! It’s so pretty.”
Once we reach History, the compliments still come.
“Aw Dominique! Your hair looks so nice!”
“Oh I want your hair!”
“Did you style it yourself. If you did, you’re really good.”
All eyes are on me but there’s obviously one pair of eyes that I pay particular attention to. Adonis.
I near to my assigned seat, discovering Adonis sitting in it. I also notice all the friends he was hanging out with during Lunch are in this class and sit on the same table as him, one of which are also taking up Chloe’s seat. She must’ve perceived this fact, as she’s perched up at an singular table at the back of the classroom. But I won’t stand for it.
“Erm, Adonis? You’re in my seat.” I point out, as he gazes up at me.
“Can’t you not just sit next to me?” He argues. Without making further complication, I take a seat besides Adonis, hauling my History book, notebook and pencil case out from my satchel. Once I’ve settled, I begin writing the date noticing, Mr Richards still hasn’t arrived to the lesson.
“Dominique,you have peng hair, you know!” Enzo states.
“You only realized that?” I question, looking up from my book.
“No, I always knew you had peng hair. But it’s the first time you’ve had that.” Enzo replied
“It’s really pretty that way, you should keep it like that more often.” Enzo’s friend, Beckett, chirps in.
“I can’t keep my hair “peng”, it’s just naturally like this.” I shrug.
“Wait, so your natural hair looks like this?!”Beckett’s friend, Ajax, questions with curiosity.
“Well, it’s straightened. But this is my hair’s natural colour. Or colours.” I explain. Meanwhile, Adonis just gazes at my hair, starstruck.
“Well, it’s fit that way.” Enzo says. Can hair be fit, Enzo? Think before you speak.
At that moment, Mr Richards finally turns up, in a muddle.
“Hello class. Erm, sorry for being late. Um...just write the date in your books. Dominique, if you can hand out these books. One between two.” Mr Richards instructs,exhaustively. I do as I’m told, seating oneself down, the moment I finish. By now, Mr Richards still is not set for the lesson and it’s been 10 minutes into our 1 hour lesson.
“Geez! Can we start the lesson now?! I came to school to learn!” Ajax calls out, rudely, crossing his arms and resting his feet on the tabletop. I eye his feet in disgust, screwing my face at the sight.
“Adonis, unless you want Mr Richards to have an heart attack, you better go and tell him you exist in this lesson.” Beckett suggests. Adonis carelessly rolls his eyes , stands up and approaches sir. Just as Mr Richards sees him, he,to some extent, undergoes a mini heart attack as he drops his bundles of papers. I feel sorrow for the respect his students are displaying towards him. Adonis looks to my table, with a troubling grin on his face.
“Right...erm...” Mr Richards begins. “Adonis? Yes, I know where I’m sitting and Dominique gave me a new book so it’s all good.” Adonis says, smiling. Mr Richards treats Adonis with a relieved smile as Adonis goes to sit down.
“Wow Adonis. You’re midway.” Enzo comments.
“Nah, it’s calm.” Ajax disagrees.
“Why you saying that, Enzo? Show some respect!” Adonis says in a “patently humorous” manner.
“These times you’re legit.” Enzo replies.
“Shut up,man. I’m new, init.” Adonis imitates Enzo.
I ignore Adonis and his friends’ conversation, concentrating on the task at hand which is to analyze and comprehend information from a extract of an secondary source historical novel, answering the provided questions, sir presents.
In the meantime, Adonis and his friends are up to all sorts. All of them were singing an unknown R&B song, afterwards chanting something irrelevant to History. Now they’re talking about the most good-looking people.
“You know what? I don’t even know why Mason even tries. He’s a peng thing too, you know. “ Adonis comments in a laughable manner, while writing an answer to question 6. Yes I happen to stalk what question’s he’s on. I’m answering the final question (11). The task sheet was given to me 5 minutes ago and which we need to answer in full sentences.
“You know Adonis, you’re actually really good-looking too. Have you realised that?” Enzo compliments, blushing slightly. Adonis laughs at Enzo’s remark, not a slight bit weirded out at all.
“I’m the ugliest in my family. But my Dad is a peng ting! I’m not surprised that Dad fell for my mum because she’s pretty too.”Adonis describes. Everyone on the table, except for me, burst out laughing.
“Hey um, Dominique here is peng too.” Adonis smiles, eyeing me. I can feel blush seep onto my cheeks. Is that even possible for me??
“Hm...actually I see it too, you know.” Beckett agrees. I remain quiet. Personally, if someone would bust Beckett’s mouth, I would’ve happily done the job.
“Yeah, she’s peng. She has like the most perfect cheekbones, right-sized lips. She’s a nice figure. Slim but solid. Have you seen her eyes too,man? This is what you call pretty.” Adonis compliments. I glance at him, noticing a smile on his face. Soon after, I continue to focus on my work. He puts his head down to work too, smiling to himself.
“Ooh, saucy! Looks like Adonis has a crush on Dominique. But what about your Dad?” Ajax comments.
“I’ll do the crush order alphabetically. Da, so Dad first and Do, so Dominique afterwards.” He jokes (I think).
“So,you’re not denying that you do like Dominique?” Beckett pushes...

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