The school for magically
Jillet loved her name, it was so nice and so just right it was right for her . The name Jillet was pronounced like joy-let but all together Jillet. Never mind that, so Jillet was sitting at her desk and reading her book, as Ms.Conele
sat at her desk saying something about lunch. That struck a bell for Jillet, she bounded up with her class to go to the lunch room.
Now dear reader before you keep reading this very good book, I would just like to say Jillet was not at the School for the Magically challenged yet . Now she is at her old school, but she was challenged to be the first in the lunch line. Now back to the story .
Jillet slid in to a seat, with her BFF Kelly. Kelly is not a fancy pants name ,like Jillet’s. “So whats going on” Jillet said, because Jillet just found out the lights blinked, about a second ago . “No clue” Kelly said in return, then she saw two people approaching the lunch room.
They came closer, and then every thing just went dark , she felt so much pain.
It was like she was dead!
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