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The search for food
Mr.s Clover
On the cover here is Mr.s Clover.The one in the dress not with the tail!So what happens in this story is that a mouse keeps eating Mr.s Clovers lovely scrumptios cake.As you may or may not noticed is that the Mr.s in Clover.So that means she is married. She has four kids and she had four husbands to but this guy was the right guy she thought for the fifth time.So where are story begins is on a golden sunrise at seven o clock in the morning.Allie the daughter of Mr.s Clover was making breakfast poached eggs with some bread,and mother was making a madeara cake.She had just finished when father came in telling a story about their neighbor Elen being sick.After a while the family decided to have some cake for they were going on a long walk to Galway. They checked in on Elen and said goodbye before they went.They set on there journey they were half way there when they started getting hungry.They took out the cake but they saw a little fat brown mice finishing what had been a full cake.The family were now worried.They had no food what would they eat?Questions like this were racing threw there mind.Until there oldest child Micheal said he saw some food in a field about half an hour back he said they should keep walking and he would catch up to them.So Micheal started racing to the field he saw back. He had some troble getting there a horse came and looked at him in the eye and the owner said if he moves he”ll be dead.He finally got there when he heard the farmer that owned the crop field.He had to get in without caught so he got the food and got out before the farmer would spot him.He got back to his family before dusk. They had some veg and went to sleep. What will happen now? Will they survive? Read part two.

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