She’s not supposed to exist, but she does, and she’s powerful
The Serpent
I am a Serpent
“Nymia! Nymia! You were supposed to be up an hour ago! How can I help these customers if I don’t have the tools to do it with? Get up, you wretched girl, and fetch my things!” Josephine shouted. I sat up immediately and scrambled to my feet.
“I’ve told you time and time again! I will not have a slave who doesn’t do as they’re told! You do remember what I promised would be your punishment if you disobeyed again don’t you?” She asked, still shouting.
I winced and looked down at the bent fingers on my left hand. She’d broken my fingers the fifth day I’d been with her because my smart mouth had said something snarky.
Most of the customers outside laughed, as if causing pain was funny. They wouldn’t have laughed if they could see what I am. I ignored it and gave Josephine the tools she needed to fix the small, mechanical, dog. After several customers passed a man stepped up to the window wearing a smirk and the unmistakable robe of a slave seller.
“I’ll give you ten coppers for that one.” He said in a thick Slavarian accent.
“I’ll take two, she’s nothing to me.” Josephine responded, stood, and shoved me out the door.
I had promised myself thirteen. Thirteen would be my last owner. I wouldn’t do anything, or say anything to get myself put on that stupid square box again. But here I am, with a slave seller’s hand around my arm, ready to be sold once again.
He snarled as he pushed me up onto the stage. There were more men than women in the crowd in front of me, which is the usual, however I noticed an interesting woman near the farthest edge of the crowd. She had on a green velvet cape and a hood was covering her face, but her figure and outline was that of a woman.
“I’ll start the bidding at ten coppers!” Shouted the man to the crowd. It went up to twelve, to fifteen, to twenty silvers before someone spoke up about my hood.
“Hey, sweetheart, why don’t you take off that hood?” A tall, gangly man shouted. I didn’t move. “Oh come on, sugar, how can we buy something that we can’t see?”
I could already feel the poison rising in my body.
The slave seller stepped forward and tried to pull back the hood but I struggled and kicked his knee. Two other men came up and I knew it was no use. My hood was pulled back revealing green, thick hair.
Everyone in the crowd gasped, some shrieked, and others pointed.
“That’s not possible! It can’t be!” Mr. Tall man gasped.
There were more shouts and looks of disgust and the poison was rising quicker and quicker.
I screamed and fell to my knees before green and bubbly poison shot out from my body. I couldn’t control where it went or who it hit. I couldn’t see, couldn’t feel anything but pain. As I shook in agony the cloak fell from my body, uncovering my shoulders, and revealing the mark that I was born with. A black Serpent, marking what I am.
The wind around me howled and rain began to fall. Soon, though, it wouldn’t be rain, it would be thick green acid, that would melt any human or animal that came in contact with it.
I screamed once again before collapsing to the ground. The last thing I saw was dark green smoke rising to the sky before everything turned black.
I am a Serpent.
I am the only one left of my kind.
There’s one problem. It is impossible for there to be a female Serpent. They were created male, and all of them after the first were male. Except here I am.
A female Serpent.
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