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The Shadow Wars
Dark Pursuit
I couldn’t move a single muscle. I couldn’t scream. I could scarcely breathe. All I could do was stare in horror at the Shadow before me.
I have heard of such Shadows. They were led by an unknown, unseen force and whoever was infiltrated by one of them would become the same. No one was quite sure how it worked. I had figured it all to be a myth. I thought that no more.
The shadow was vast, covering the entire width of the road. It approached me, quickly and silently. I opened my mouth to scream, but no sound came out. My feet felt heavy as lead. I wanted to escape, but I was paralyzed in fear.
The beast was now directly in front of me. It had long fangs, white and slick. They terrified me. What would become of me now?
It extended a hand to my terrified body. I tensed. It’s fingers fell upon my face. It began to caress my cheek gently.
Suddenly, my fear disappeared. I felt relaxed, safe. I let my face fall into it’s grasp. It took one hand and stoked my hair. All worries I had at the moment subsided, and I felt peace.
It brought its face down to my ear. A low, male voice disturbed the silence. “Come with me, Silver,” he whispered. “Come. I’ll make everything better.”
I wanted to believe him. I felt so safe, so secure. This had to be right. But my heart told me different. Something in my mind clicked. I had friends and family. I couldn’t betray them. I pulled away from his grasp. “Never,” I seethed and backed away. “You’ll never take me.”
Fury exploded into his face as he hissed, “You think you know it all, don’t you?” He began to float towards me, spitting rage. “You believe those liars? They know nothing. They are blinded by their own ignorance. Come with me, to a better place.”
My heart raced. What if... No. Something was wrong.
“Never,” I snapped. “I’ll never go with you.
The shadow shook his hands and a wave of fear crawled over me. I fought it and spun away from my captor.
I began to sprint down the road, the shadow in close pursuit. I couldn’t outrun him, not on legs.
I winced as my wings uncurled from my back. I spread them out and began beating them rapidly. I began to rise, slowly, into the air. I beat my wings even faster and flew away from the beast. As I drifted out of sight, I could hear faint shouting below me. “Silver, wait! Silver! There’s something you need to know!”
But I was long gone.
I woke up in a cold sweat. I had had that very same dream every night for the past week, and everytime it ended the same way.
I sat up on my bed and bushed my hair out of my face. Take, my little pet dragon, emerged from under the covers and pounced on my hand playfully. I nudged him aside and stood up, stretching. I left my bedroom and walked down the hall to Bud’s room. I knocked once. No reply. I pushed open the door and entered his room. “Bud?” I looked around. No sign of him.
‘That’s odd,’ I thought. Bud never gets up before I do. We were twins, sure, but we had almost nothing in common. They only way most people could tell we were even related was our shocking blonde hair.
I shivered and rubbed my arms. I glanced over at the open window. No wonder it was so cold. I leaned over the dresser and pulled the window shut.
I left Bud’s room and trudged down the hallway. I passed my parents room and sighed. Today marked the third week that they had been gone. I silently promised that my future occupation wouldn’t require so many business trips. I reached the end of the hallway and entered the coat room. I pulled my boots over my jeans and put my jacket on. Then I left the house, pulling the door shut behind me.
Not much later, I found myself deep in the woods, lost in thought. I slowly put one foot in front of the other, gradually making my way through the underbrush.
No matter how hard I tried to push it out of my mind, the dream kept crawling back in. I bit my lip.
What had the shadow being meant? He called them liars, blind. Who was he talking about? I walked through the tress, slowly and deliberately, pondering and perplexing.
Suddenly, a chill ran through me. I stopped walking and gripped my stomach, which had started to ache. I looked around. Only one thing could make my stomach churn so. I could hear heavy breathing behind me.
“Hello Silver.”

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