The Story of Abby
All About Me
Hi I am Abby. I am 12 years old and starting high school this year. I am very shy and never talk much. At my old school, everyone called me mouse. I hope that no one calls me mouse again this year.
I have short, brown hair. Blue eyes and pale coloured skin. I have pinkish lips and thin brown eyebrows. I am kind of a girl doesn’t wear dresses, I wear skinny jeans, t-shirts, singlets or shorts.
In my family, I have a little brother named James. My mum’s name is Kelly and dad’s name is John.
I also have a ginger, tabby cat named Charlie. He is a bit feisty so I stay away from he most of the time. But my favourite pet is Max. He is brown all over and his nickname is Maxi.
I live in Queensland, Australia in a town called Surfers Paradise. We live in a 2 storey beach house, right next to the beach. Mum and Dad are pretty rich so we do live in a luxurious place.
My best friend Savannah. She has ginger, orange hair and wears the same things as me. We have been best friends since kindergarten. She lives only a block away from me which is pretty cool. We go to the beach together and to the mall as well. She also lives in a beach house as well.
Now there is a boy I like called Rocco .He is so handsome with his blonde/ brown hair. He probably doesn’t even know I exist.
And there is Amelia. She is the meanest girl in school. She was my friend but not any more. She teases me and calls me mouse and I hate that name. So went high school starts I have to stay right away from her...
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