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The Story of the Pin
How The Story Goes When the Villain Wins...
I drove the arrow through his flesh, twisting the weapon until it stuck dead-fast in his back. Trails of blood seeped from the wound, painting crimson stripes down his pale skin. This was it. I’d finally done it.
“Y-You didn’t h-have to d-do this.” He gasped, sliding to his knees. He grasped my legs, as if holding me were his only priority as he bled to death.
“Oh, but that is where you are wrong, my dear, sweet, Alexander. I had to do this for your own sake.” I said condescendingly. Alexander cried bitterly, moaning and shaking. He was suffering. Suffering for his mistakes.
“Rose,” He quaked, tears streaming from his eyes, “Don’t d-do this. Y-You know th-they’re the b-bad guys. I kn-know you’re b-better than th-this.”
I felt a strange sinking in my stomach. After everything that had happened- he still believed in me? I forced the thought aside. No. He lied. He was lying. He’d been lying all along.
And now he was paying for it.
“Alexander, it is time for your lying to come to an end. It is time for you to come to an end. I’m only sorry I had to be the one to sober you from your drunkard bliss of your own mind. Your hope was a lie, Alexander, and with you, it dies. The war is won, and you have lost.”
Alexander’s eyes grew wide and tormented, then he gasped, his eyes staring behind me. Before I could turn to look, I felt the spear of his ally driving through my back. I clasped the end of the bloodied spear in my hands, dropping to my knees as Alexander had done only moments before.
I felt my life draining from me second by second, and I collapsed to the ground. My eyes landed on the figure of Alexander, who had fallen before me to stare at me with those haunting eyes. The eyes that belonged to the one who once told me I was beautiful. Who once loved me and comforted me. Who was know dying at my own hands.
“I love you.” He whispered, then his eyes rolled back, and he was dead. I struggled for air as I felt my life being dragged from me, my mind battling to keep the nothingness from setting in.
My eyes locked onto the arrow protruding from Alexander’s dead body, and as my story came to a close, I realised that I was the villain all along.
And I’d just killed the hero.

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