The Story of the Wolf Family
“Give it back Selena!” I snarled. “No!!” Said Selena. My mom then came barging in the room. “Selena give Bailey her phone back!” Growled my mom with a vicious tone. Selena rudely put the phone in my hand and stopped back to her room. She always steals my phone and figures out my password somehow so I have to change it again. I could hear my mom yelling at Selena in the other room, “Why can’t you be more like Lola? She listens and she is at least quiet unlike you child!”
I then heard a knock at my door, so I opened it. “Hey. So is Selena stealing your phone again?” This is Sparkles my twin sister. I nodded and then told her I was going to bed.
I kept hearing my other sister Stella with her stupid music blasted at full volume. I just strongly dislike how annoying have of my sister’s are.
Anyway I am Bailey. I am 16 and I am the oldest by 1 minute. My twin sister is Sparkles and both of us were born on August 13th. My younger sister Lola was born 9 months later on May 22. So she is in the same grade as us... My other sister Stella is 14 and her birthday is June 2. And then my last sister Selena is 6 and her birthday is October 29. My mom’s name is Mystical and my dad.. I don’t really know. All of us have different dad’s a part from Me, Sparkles, and Lola.
I woke up the next morning happy as can be because it is Saturday and my bffl (Best friend for life) Elaine was staying the night! My mom said if one of my sister’s get on our nerves, they get into trouble! #YES!!
I heard a knock on the door. I opened it to see Elaine standing there, “Hey girl!” I said.

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