I am a wolf, but a part of the Native americans
The Story of Wapi
First day till four months old
I flick my eyes open to see the dark world. The cave smells like moss and wet dog. Which would make sense because my mother had just returned from eating in a bad thunder storm and then finally had her over due pups.
My name is Wapi, which in Native American means lucky. I was born to this world in a cave with my parents and little sister shortly after me. I look up to my mother to see her look back at me in shock. I was named Wapi because of my luckiness... How often do you see a wolf being born with their eyes open? Not often I’m guessing. The first few days in the cave were the worst. I did nothing because my sister couldn’t. There was no fun until we were finally old enough to talk and play and run.
“Hey Wapi?” Ayasha called to me from the meadow. I spun around away from lunch and followed the sense of her out to the meadow carefully.
I was at the edge of the meadow when I sensed her trick. I knew my little sisters ways of tricking me into funny play sessions. I went along with it and acted it out.
“Aya were are you?” I called trying to sound nervous and scared. Which I did may I just state.
I heard a small giggle from behind a bush near to my right. As I slowly stepped forward I felt my paw start to sink into the ground. AHA this is a hole trap I see. I slowly stepped around it and twerked my head around the bush.
“Nice trick Aya. Sadly it didn’t work.” I said sassily to her with an evil glare.
“Your to lucky Wapi!” She screamed her voice almost breaking into a cry. Quickly she sprinted back to the cave and sat down at the river to the left of it.
I chased after her all the way home but decided she needed time to herself for a little. Was I really that lucky? I mean I never get into anything bad or fall for things. Maybe I was but is it so bad wolves need to cry? I think not. I trotted into the den as my mother flicked her tail glaring at me.
“I didn’t do anything!” I called to her over the mumbling sound of Aya whines. I glared at the dark black wolf and the whiter wolf sitting around a taller rock.
“I know but just be nice ok? Please we don’t have muc-“ My dad coughed to stop my mother from speaking.
“Have much what ?” I narrowed my eyes and stared at my father. My horrible fathers yellow eyes.
“Nothing go out side...” He growled at me staring at my brown tinted legs.
“NOW I said.” He snapped at me growling with his teeth tight against one of each other.
“Y-y-yes... sir.” I shuttered as I stood up and ran out. As I ran away I heard my mother mumble to him something and him snap back. She then joined us ad he went farther into the cave.
I trotted out to the river and flopped down next to Aya. I stared into the water wanting to kill that jerk in the cave. We weren’t even treated like we were alive till we started talking and playing. I hated him so much I wished every day that he would just leave. One tear feel from my eye as I stared a small mino trying its hardest to swim up the stream. I looked over to where my sister sat to see a worn down grass patch and nothing more. I sighed and lied down my claws tipping into the water. Slowly the world fell to black.
I woke up to the sound of gun shots in the air and feet running around us slowly getting closer and closer. I shot up to hear a man’s voice. I run to the cave to see my parents at the mouth and my sister hiding in the under ground room that we dug out for this reason. Quickly I crawled into the little cave as she pushed her way out.
“What are you doing!? Get in here Ayasha! NOW!” I spit out over the worst sounds ever of gun shots and feet running.
She spins around and runs to moms side. Her lips moved but I heard nothing over a mans scream. I crawled out and stood next to my father. I looked up at him. He stared out into the meadow watching the group of men slowly circling get closer and closer. His fur rose as he started to growl.
“I’ve been waiting for this to happen. When I say now we all run into the thicker area behind the den. Pups stay in between me and your mother. And no matter what happens keep running.” HIs voice grew lower and more serious on those last words.
“Ready.... Set....” He whispered to us as the shots died down. “GOOOOOO!” He howled at us and ran out side the den jumping on top of it howling.
I ran after my mother and sister as fast as I could go. Everything was blurry I couldn’t see anything. Slowly I fell to the ground to my heart slowing down.
Am I dying? What’s happening? Ohh I didn’t eat enough....oops. I slowly thought trying my hardest to keep my eyes open.
“Leave him behind he isn’t worth it anyway.” He screamed to my sister and mother. I remember my mother licked my cheek and whisper to me.
“I love you my little lucky Wapi...My little, little Wapi.” She cried and then ran to catch up to Ayasha. “Your nothing you runt.” I heard my dad spit at me as he ran past catching up to my mother and sister.
I was left behind in a war zone by my own family. Slowly I feel tough hands grip my neck fur and carry me to a horse’s back
“This will be a fine dog for Aponi! Long as he is alive.” He chuckled and threw me onto the horse. Slowly to the sound of the horse walking I again fell fast asleep.

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