The Story Which Came Alive
Your Oath of Secrecy
People always call me ordinary, but only because I never show them the Designs.
Yes, cocoa hair, brown eyes, fair skin—literally anyone would mistake me as a completely normal person.
And I was, until that day.
It’s not that I am special. I do, however, have a talent for creating plans of all types. That’s why I’m the organizer and main designer of—oops!
The professor’s words are coming to mind.
It’s a secret, Brendan, and you must never reveal it to anyone, no matter what the circumstances may be. If someone with the wrong motives gets their hands on it—I shudder to think of it—terrible things could happen to the entire earth!
That is why I cannot tell you, unless you solemnly swear secrecy. This is an important matter, and she would not be happy if I was telling someone else.
Say it, please, or I’m afraid I can’t let you continue on.
It would be a shame if you didn’t get to see the Designs, though.
You seem like such a nice person.
Here, I will tell you what to say:
I, (insert name here), do solemnly swear secrecy to Sir Brendan McGowan.
I will never let a word of this project past my lips, nor let any breath concerning it escape, except to those who are already affliated with said matter.
Sorry—I put that “sir” in there for fun, since everyone else on our team has a title.
If you are an author, especially, I’d like you to say this, too, and be very careful to do it.
I also do give my complete and utter word to, if I am by any chance near or in range of the project at completion, that I will express my wish to use it, if I do so possess one, and accept if my request is declined.
I resolve to use it, if given permission, not for my own personal gain or tyranny, but for the good of the planet.
If I violate these promises, you may turn to this document as justification for prosecution.
Signed, (insert name here).
There, you’re all cleared up!
Now, if you will just follow me . . .
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