A NEW SPECIES OF ANIMAL!!!! They’re Named...
The Strange Amazing Creatures
The Discovery Of The Strange Amazing Creatures
I bet you didn’t know that some scientists discovered a new species of animal, did you? Well, they did. They found a weird creature about one foot tall in the jungles of Defrfn, and they named it Allomiratherium cheesietops, although most people call it the Strange Amazing Creature (or SAC). When they saw SAC, he dropped something that he was holding. One of the scientists picked it up, and saw that it looked rather like a book. When the scientist opened it, it had writing in it, in a primitive language.
The scientists took the book back to the lab. They used one of their Super Sciencey Machines to translate what was on the cover of the book, and it said this:
They thought that SAC was a very smart form of animal, almost like a human, but not quite as smart. They wanted to find out what SAC’s words would be in English, so they scanned the paragraph into another of their Super Sciencey Machines, and this is roughly what it said:
MY STORY ~by Cheesehead~
They were surprised that it could think like a human, so they did the same thing to the rest of the book, and the story I am about to tell you was inside it. The story has been translated from SACese to English, so you can understand it. Now, Read on!...
Hello, there! I will tell you a story about what happened to me one summer day. It was not a crazy day, quite normal, there were Normal Amazing People walking around, and my friend Brownbunny and I were going for a hike in Defrfrn Moss Patch, where there was lots of moss. It was a very good day - except for one thing. It was raining.
We all had our raincoats on, which were made of leaves, of course, and we were hiking because Brownbunny wanted to do it. He likes the rain (sort of) and he’s perfectly fine walking around in it. I get all wet and I...I...I start to...uh...oh well! I don’t know exactly what happens to me in the rain because I always stayed inside when it rains!
So it was raining, and a was complaining that it was raining, and all of a sudden it stopped raining! I was so happy that I ran around the Moss Patch shouting “YAHOO!” and “HOORAY!”, and while I was doing that, Brownbunny looked at me, puzzled, and then said:
SMASH! I crashed into something, and I fell on the ground. I realized I had smashed into my arch-enemy, Orangeblob!
“CHEESEHEAD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE TODAY?” Orangeblob said in a deep, growly, mean voice.
“Er...I’m just here because...er...we were hiking...he he he,” I replied in a scared-sounding voice.
“NO, YOU’RE NOT!!!!!! YOU’RE HERE BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO FIGHT ME!!!! HOW DARE YOU DO SUCH A THING!!!!” he yelled in his deep, growly, mean voice. And then he started chasing me.
We ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran until we couldn’t run any more - well I couldn’t, anyway. Orangeblob was getting closer and closer...
“ORANGEBLOB!!!!!” someone shouted. Orangeblob stopped.
“WHO WAS THAT!!!!!????” Orangeblob asked.
“ME!!!” said the voice.
“WHO’S ME!!!!????” Orangeblob roared.
“I AM GREENCACTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the voice replied. And then a super-spikey cactus jumped out from behind a tree, charging at Orangblob!
“AAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Orangeblob roared in fear. “IT’S GREENCACTUS!!!” Orangeblob then started running for his life away from Greencactus, who was very spikey.
“Thank you very much, Greencactus,” I said to Greencactus.
“It was easy,” he replied. “I’m super spikey, so everybody’s scared of me. And by the way, can I be your friend?”
“Sure,” said Brownbunny said. And ever since that day, we have been best friends.
One day, we were going for another hike in Defrfrn Moss Patch, and all of a sudden, Greencactus started glowing green. And then he glowed orange, and when the light had gone, Greencactus was a new person: Orangecactus.
After the scientists read the story, they named three new species of Allomiratherium, and two subspecies. And they speculated that there was more out there - they just had to find them.

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