Summer Blues
The first day ending with a flame-bang I mean..
I am Summer. I am the type of girl who loves skateboarding, watercolors, and books. I have orange hair, bright blue eyes as my Mum says, always wearing shorts and a t-shirt. (even in the winter, where I’m not fazed by the cold at all.) Now every story has a beginning. Here is mine:
My first day of 8 grade. First day of high school. First day ever to go to school. I was from New York, with a life, a drivers license everything to LA, California. I walked in, my long fiery orange hair drifting in the wind as I head to class. When I got in, I was told to tell everyone who I am. “Hello. I am Summer Holt. I came from the Big Apple, to LA. Nice to meet ya’all.” I said. I have a southern accent because Mum was Australian. My class mates groaned their hello’s. I took a seat next to a girl with the most poofy hair I have ever seen. She was probably the smartest girl in the class, considering the kid next to her was practically yelling at her to stop and let him write her answers. Everyone was working on a test, so I was confused why he was cheating and also why was poofy haired girl letting him. “Isn’t..isn’t that cheating?” I asked in a whisper. “Yes..yes it is..” the girl answers, giving the boy the stink eye. “What? You want me to fail?” He said, in a angry whine-y voice. “Okay, okay fine..” she sighed. I decided to ignore the duo and gazed at everyone else. I’m very good at telling the class and not so surprisingly, my guesses where right.
Kids at the front: populars (aka annoying people. Ignore ‘em.)
Second row: jokesters (makin’ jokes an’ getting in trouble..)
Third row: cool boys (jocks, funny kids, good kids/bad kids (two faced) etc. I’m in this row)
Last row: outcasts (kids who are neutral)
Just as I finished my predictions, the bell rang to go home. I got on the bus and a kid in my class sat next to me. “Hello. I heard you are new. What was your name again?” He had a accent, the type where teachers would have them say their words again, but to me the words sounded clearer than ever. “‘Ello. Who wants to know?” I said in my New York accent, with my added hint of Australian. He chuckled and answered. “Nice one..I’m Jackson, but you can call me Jack.” He said, as he brushed his bangs out of his eyes. “Summer is the name. Nice to meet ya.” I said. Too bad my stop came. “Well, uh..bye!” I said, rushing off the bus. I got home exhausted. “Oof..” I said to my self, slamming onto my bed. And with that I fell asleep.
I wake up to the fire alarm, and I was literally on fire “MUM, DADDY!!!” I screeched. I didn’t feel any pain, but I panicked and to my surprise went around the house looking for my parents in two seconds flat. “What..is going..on??” I asked my self. Too bad I didn’t have a answer. I found my parents outside, and when I did I sprinted over to them. “Mum! Daddy! What is happening?” I said softly. “Lets go inside and discuss..” Mum said. The flame that surrounded me stopped, and for the first time in forever, I felt cold.

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