camp is Always a good idea.
The Summer of Freedom
Day 1: Marisol
Summer camp for parents is the best thing that was ever invented. I mean, can you believe that every parent in my neighborhood went to camp this year? We have the whole place to ourselves! The only question is, what should we do first?
It all started on a balmy summer day. All us kids were in the tree-house with my pet dog, Butterscotch. All except, of course, Samantha Criss and Darren O’Malley and all their like. Oh, and Penny had a bad case of the measles. But the rest of us were in the tree-house. Yeah, all five of us. That’s Charity, the one who sits on the roof and howls (or tries to howl) like Butterscotch; Denim, the lazy one in the raccoon cap he swears he made himself (but I know he bought it.); Acadia, the adventurous one (and also strange one) in the cat/ raccoon/ no-one-really-knows outfit; and Scott, the guitar guy. Oh, and me, Marisol, the normal one who is strange in her own way.
So, anyway, there we were, five kids on a balmy day, all looking forward to/dreading sixth grade, all wearing hats. Why, you may ask? Penny had to wear this ridiculous sunhat a week ago, before she got the measles. When Denim, Scott, and Charity made fun of her, she told us off and dared us to wear hats for a week. We could have refused it, but, well, we didn’t want to seem like scaredy-cats!
“You’re almost there, Acadia!” I said, cheering my best friend on. Acadia was trying to get Butterscotch to do some tricks to entertain us, but he was up there and, well, we were down here. And we didn’t want to disturb Charity. Or wake up the other athlete of our group, Denim, since he has a bit of a temper. Okay, he’d probably kill us. Or something like that.
“Almost... at... the... top!” said Acadia, with gritted teeth. Actually, let’s be honest. She was not almost at the top. She was halfway up. I started to fear that she wouldn’t make it. Which is why I made a list of possible options in my head.
1. Wake up Denim and ask him to go up and get it.
Problem: Do I have a death wish?
2. Go through the tree house.
Problem: Bringing back down Butterscotch. He’d wreck the inside of the tree house. Well, not definitely and not completely. So I guess that’s a possibility.
3. Try and...
My mental checklist was interrupted with a-
“Yee-ha!!!!” Acadia, bored and impatient, had jumped off her perch from her tire swing and leaped towards the tree house. The world was in slow motion in my eyes. Acadia was almost all the way up when...
BOONNK!! Acadia hit her head on the tree house and fell onto me, causing me to fall over. Denim’s eyes flicked open.
“What the hey, Acadia? I was having a great sleep and... oh.” He saw that the person he was ranting about was unconscious. He then turned to me.
“Mari, what happened?” I quickly explained about Acadia trying to get up to Butterscotch and banging her head.
“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Denim yelled.
I sighed. “Isn’t it obvious? You’d just yell and rant!
“I WOULD NOT YELL AND-“ Denim stopped himself. “Oh,” he said in a small voice.
“Oh is right, “ I said angrily. Then I calmed myself. “If Acadia isn’t here to help, how do we get Butterscotch down?”
Charity jumped down from the top of the tree-house, and didn’t even stumble, only dusting herself off.
“I’ll call him down. I’m a dog whisperer.” She said, as if expecting us to gasp and say, ‘We are not worthy!’
“Sure about that?” Denim said doubtfully.
“Yeah. Just watch.”
I tried to explain. “My dog doesn’t...”
“Come, Butterscotch, come!” Butterscotch scampered down the roof and jumped up to her, wagging his tail and sticking out his tongue. Huh. Who’d have known my dog knew his own name, let alone how to ‘come’. After that the day went downhill from there. We had to take Acadia to the hospital to get stitches. We all got a scolding from our respective parents. Then we all went home.
Day 1 Lesson: Never let Acadia do something that dangerous, no matter how safe it seems.
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