we lost something worth keeping
The Summer Of Our Skies
Ayla POV :faults
Our squad was made up of
And Rina-Hufflepuff
The thing is though, right before summer, we lost our proudest and bravest Gryffindor in a school shooting. Miranda’s gone, and we only have a summer to cope with it.
We all have our own methods, Jacob asked his dad for an off the grid vacation, so far Rina is protesting on social media and not supporting gun stores, I’m taking part of a lot of camps for artists, Violet’s been distracting herself with girls, and Brooke has been hanging out at the arcade where she met Miranda.
This summer was gonna be epic we we’re gonna meet up for V.R. gaming and watch a bunch of movies, the squad already went to Love, Simon. Now, though, no one wants to.

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Chapter 2

violets pov: we had to leave

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