“It was awesome!!!!” I declared.
The Summer We Created A Parent Summer Camp
The End And The Beginning
It was a hot, summer day in Apalachicola, Florida. Such a weird name, huh? There was barely any breeze, and the club and I were sweating our bom boms in our treehouse, also named, “The Thinking Box.” We usually went there to talk, make dirty jokes, criticize the mean people at school, and think. We were the Creative Club. We even came up with the name all by ourselves. Anyway, back to the story. My sister, Alison, my brother, Mason, my friends, Bettie James and Willster, (it’s the name we called him: his real name is Will) and I the magnificent, Connie Liliana Davis, someone who was born to be in the spotlight, were trying to come up with a plan to get our parents out of our business. You see, when we were at school, the only good thing was that our parents couldn’t tell us what to do. That was the teacher’s job, whom did a poor job, as she couldn’t hit us and there were too many of us in the same room. But now that it’s summer, our parents can nose into our business anytime they please, without hesitation. We need to put a stop to that. “What about duct taping them and sending them off to a pickle factory in China?” Willster says excitingly. “Willster, do you really think that would work? I’m pretty sure there’s not even a pickle factory in China!” I say. “Well then, what do you think?” he asks accusingly. “We have to let the brain do it’s magic, Willster! Ideas don’t just come out of a bottle.” I fire back. Willster doesn’t have a reply, so he just huffed. “I win.” I declare. Right then, right there, in that treehouse, I came up with a plan so brilliant a lightbulb shone above my head. “How about we make a parent summer camp!?”
“Great idea, Bonnie Clyde!” Bettie says. Bonnie Clyde is a name Bettie made because she wanted me to have a nickname. It’s very witty, if you think about it. “But the problem is-“ Alison starts. “Alison, will you stop looking at the downside of things! I have a great idea, that can happen,” I say, staring daggers at Willster. “And, it can get our parents of out of the house!”
“But, Connie,” Alison says, staring at me with a fierce eye, silently telling me not to interrupt her, “It’ll take a lot of work to make this happen. Not to mention, help from adults.”
“I forgot about that.” I admit.
“Ooo, I have an idea!” Mason says excitingly.
“Mason, you are here!” Bettie says. “I thought you had disappeared, you weren’t talking at all.”
“I was thinking.” he exclaims, acting like he was accused.
“What were you thinking?” Willster asks, ending the conversation that would soon start into a fight.
“I was thinking maybe we can use the elementary school for the place the parents will stay for summer camp. I was also thinking that maybe we should just make it a day camp instead of them staying there for a week, because who will make us dinner and breakfast?”
“Good thinking, buddy!” I say, ruffling his hair.
“Hey! Don’t do that!” he protests.
“So,” Alison says, taking things back on track. “Mason’s idea is good, but we still need to get the principals permission to use the school. I also think Mason’s idea about only having a day camp is a great idea, because we do need food.” Alison then pats her belly.
“We’re missing one thing, though.” Bettie says abruptly. “What are the parents going to do while they’re at the camp?”
“Arts and crafts.” I start.
“Sports.” Willster chimes in.
“Watching movies.” Alison says.
“And listen to music!” Mason yells.
“We’ve got it!!!!!” I scream.
The End Of The Summer
The plan was success. Now, everyday of summer, the parents go to the elementary school to do all sorts of crafts. The best thing is, though, a lot of parents learned new things at the camp! The dads learned how to cook, how to sew. The moms learned how to fix a car (Weird right? Willster came up with it), and how to pavement a driveway (The city hall needed volunteers to help renovate the Courthouse). The principal willingly gave the school the ability to do such things, as the superintendent agreed, so the five of us spent a week decorating and fixing up the supplies for the parents to come. Our art teacher volunteered to help the parents with art and crafts (I think she wanted to get out of being taught something she already knows), and the gym teacher volunteered to watch over the parents and ref the sports games. He said a riot or a fistfight might break out if he wasn’t there (Whatever that means). For the movies, the public library gave many movies for us to use, along with a bunch of kids volunteering to give their movies. We got quite a collection. The same things happened with music. And there you have it.
************************Random Kid*********************************
Summer camp for parents is the best thing that was ever invented. I mean, can you believe that every parent in my neighborhood went to camp this year? We have the whole place to ourselves! The only question is, what should we do first?
And that is how you have the best summer ever.
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