There is a fine line between love and hate
The Sun is Also a Star
That day was a normal day.
Dull, if you will.
I woke up, ate breakfast, and worked until five.
Then, on my way home something quite peculiar happened.
I saw you.
You with your glistening black hair.
You with your eyes that glimmer like jewels.
And I, who smiled like an idiot when you asked me if I wanted to go out.
With you.
On a date.
A real date.
Not a date like the ones high-schoolers have,
Filled with fake romance and awkward hugs.
But a date. With cute cuddles and passionate kisses.
We met the next day for coffee.
I ordered a cappuccino.
I’m not sure why though, I hate coffee.
You finished it for me.
Then you smiled that devilish smile of yours.
And asked if I wanted to do this again sometimes.
Once again, for the second time in two days, you’ve made me smile like a fool.
I don’t mind.
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