The Sunflowers at Lakeview Park
The Rain and the Cards
I awoke to the sound of rain on the skylight, a jarring, harsh sound.
No, maybe it was Adam that woke me up, I thought as I realized my brother was softly whispering through the cracked door.
“Abigail? Are you awake?”
“Now I am,” I whispered harshly and jumped out of bed, walking loudly to the door. “What is it?”
“Do you know where the deck of cards is?” Adam made a decidedly soft inquiry, despite the anger clearly in his voice.
“You mean the old ones?”
He was hesitant. “Yes.”
“Don’t use those,“ I whispered. “The new ones are in the drawer in the hall table.” Adam rushed off indignantly to find the colorful, robot picture-adorned playing cards we found the other day at a yard sale. I just sat on my bed looking out the window at the rain, as it blotted out all the bright colors of the morning. I sat there and thought for a while. I thought about Catherine, and how nice it would be if we were still friends. I thought about Adam, and the old cards, and the new cards, and the ornate tablecloth on the sale table. Then I went downstairs.
I realized why Adam wanted the old cards - the new ones were too flimsy to build with, but there I stood, in awe of Adam’s creation.
“Adam?” I called. He was upstairs, but he rushed down the hallway and looked down the stairs at me. “What?”
“This is - This is amazing, Adam.”
“Thanks.” He beamed. “Do you want me to teach you?”
“Sure.” I hesitated. “And I’m sorry, Adam.”

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The Rainbow and the Sunflower Seed

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