A Story Told Through Texting
The Talking Ban
The Surprise Assembly
“ Calling all students to report to the gym for a important assembly “
We all got up, and went in line.
“ I wonder what the assembly is about?”, I asked my best friend Ryan.
“ I don’t know.”, Ryan said,” But it’s bound to be boring.”
We walked down the halls and into the gym. We all sat down on the floor awaiting to hear what was going on. Then Principal Josh walked on the gym stage.
There was a loud, “ boo!”, from the crowd.
“ Hello my good students!”, Principal Joe said,” I have a very important announcement to make.”
“ Starting tomorrow we will be starting an annual No Talking Contest. No student at school will be able to talk for a whole month.”
“ What!”, I yelled. There were several more boos from the audience.
“ That right!”, Principal Joe said, “Every student must participate in the contest, but there are some prizes to give away.”
There were several excited murmurs from the crowd.
“ We will be competing against the other schools in Grove Park”, he said, “ and the quietest school will get no school for a month”
There were loud cheers at this.
“ We will also get better lunch food!”
There were several,” Yays!”
“ So who wants to win this contest?”
Everyone raised there hands except me.
“ Now you may all go home!”, Principal Joe said. We all got up and walked out of the gym towards the doors.
“ Listen up!”, Zamon said,” I know a way that we can still talk!”
“ Sign language?”, Zamon’s twin Damon asked.
“ No”
“ Then what is it?”, Mike asked.
“ Texting!”, he said, “ We’ll create a school chat and we can text each other”
“ That’s a great idea!”, I said, “ Well I better get going home. See you guys later!” I walked out of the building back home.
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