There’s no such thing as a curse.
The Terror of
Mabus Hall
There Is A Day That Determines Your Future.
My story begins how most stories begin. I tell you my name. I tell you how life is going for me. I tell you why in the world I’m talking to you. But honestly, it’s horribly tedious.
Should I get it over with, or would you rather peruse the pages of something much more interesting and pleasant?
My name is Evelyn Carpenter. Life is not particularly swell today. And I’m not just talking to say “hello.” I’m here to warn you.
Whatever you do, never touch the red amulet in the artifact room at Mabus Hall.
I’d like to get one thing straight: never, ever touch that thing. Ever.
And I’d like to get another thing straight as well: I was a bumbling idiot that day, so don’t throw me under the bus for my mistakes.
It all started long before I ever touched that amulet...long before the disappearances...and the deaths...
The turning point in my life was not when I touched the amulet. It was not when strange and terrible things began to happen at school. It was not even when people who I saw every day were suddenly found robbed of their prior life. The thing that made everything different was the day that I pulled the fire alarm at Grimes Middle School.
“Evelyn!” my friend Sue had called.
“What?” I’d asked.
“I dare you to pull the fire alarm during lunch,” she whispered mischievously.
I was not the cleverest person then. So, being the young and stupid twelve-year-old I was, I yanked down that lever just before the last kid got his tray of food.
The sound blared throughout the entire building, and Grimes Middle School was faced with a mass evacuation as the fire department tried to figure out what was going on. No smoke. No flames. No heat. Nothing. Just a sneaky little misfit grinning like an idiot as the grown-ups bobbed around counting heads and the kids around her whispered heated gossip.
“EVELYN CARPENTER!” Mrs. Smith eventually shouted. I stepped forward hesitantly.
“Yes, Mrs. Smith?” I asked innocently, stepping forward with confidence. Sue sniggered behind me.
“You pulled that fire alarm—I saw you do it! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF, YOU—“
“Ms. Smith!” the principal cried. “Ms. Smith, contain yourself!” Mr. Miller stepped forward and put his hand on my shoulder in what he had hoped was a fatherly gesture. “Miss Evelyn, did you or did you not pull you fire alarm during lunch?”
“Yes, she did!” Sue shouted. She smirked cruelly when I turned around to look at her.
“Only because Sue dared me!” I shot back, glaring.
“Girls, girls, girls! Shh!” Mr. Miller exclaimed with exhaustion. “Miss Evelyn, come with me.”
“What you did was wrong,” Mr. Miller said when we entered his office. “Do you know that?”
I was in no mood to respond kindly, more politely, and peacefully. “Do you think that I don’t know right from wrong? What’s the harm in it?” I snapped.
“There are people who could be trapped in their burning houses right now, and they won’t get any help because of what you’ve done!”
“You think that kids aren’t smart? You think you know more than everyone else? Well, I knew for a fact that the fire department would have extra trucks, spare time, and that they would know a fake when they saw it and turn around!”
“Evelyn Carpenter! What do I have to do to get you to stop? You’ve been trouble all year. First, you wandered off at the museum—“
“What’s wrong with exploration?” I said.
“Second, you held scissors in a threatening manner—“
“That wimp wouldn’t know a joke if it bit him on the nose!”
“And now, you’ve caused trouble not for the class, not for the school, but for the WHOLE CITY! Do you have any idea what you’ve done?”
“I know exactly what I’ve done.”
“Well, tell me what you’ve done and you can go back to class.”
“I’ve had a great year!” I said hotly, and that was the end of my time at Grimes Middle School.
The only place left for me to go was Mabus Hall—a dark, jagged castle far, far away from my home. It was a reformatory school for “juvenile delinquents like me.”
Little did I know that it was much worse than I had imagined.

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There Is Such A Thing As Torture.

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