A fangirl’s life - interrupted
The Text That Made My New Year’s Eve
Much Lazy, Very Tumblr
I love surprises.
More specifically, surprises that start as simple things that you don’t expect to be a surprise but then turn out to be a massive one. Like, life-altering. Confused?
I’ll explain.
Uh, actually, I suck at explaining...
... So I’d rather show you.
It was a dark, stormy night, with the trees shivering and swaying with the terrible wind, battering my window with the force of a hundred men. The rain could have been a thousand drums beating at once, because there was no way to drown it out-
Did I mention that I suck at explaining?
It was raining.
There you go.
46 words wasted when I could just have used three. How wonderful. Well, I suppose that I am still rambling (something that I do often, unfortunately) and I’m wasting even more words for this paragraph and you’re probably willing me to stop, I mean if you’re still here and I’m not talking to nobody and-
You know what? I’ll just get on with the story.
What do so-called ‘normal’ girls do when it’s raining? Do they read a book? Do they pour their heart and soul into a Whatsapp message to their boyfriend about how they are running out of phone space for all their selfies that are all too perfect to delete? I don’t know. I’ve never had a boyfriend. Or fitted under the ‘normal’ category.
So, seeing that I barely go outside anyway, I did what I normally do in the evenings.
I sat on Tumblr and drank home-made pumpkin spice latte.
I know, right? So productive.
There I was, half-sitting-half-lying on my couch, my laptop balanced on my lap (well lap-top duh), sipping my latte, doing my little fangirl squeals every so often at various posts. Completely harmless. Completely oblivious to someone kilometers away, typing a little Whatsapp message, waiting for my phone to do a little ping and disturb my solitude with tedious human interaction.
How dare they.
I sighed, torn away from an adorable, fluffy fanfiction to hear my phone do the dreaded ping. I reached over and took it from the coffee table next to the couch. The number wasn’t one I recognised.
From: Unknown Number
Hey Jo. I read the story you’re writing. It’s really good!
Now, let me just hit the pause button here. Look at this text. Normal, right? But lo and behold, this right here is the text that would eventually make my new year’s eve. But what would you respond to one of the hidden surprises that I love so much? Something witty, of course. Something that will gain respect. Something intelligent.
To: Unknown Number
New fone who dis

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