The Texts
Saturday March 10th
emmythegreat- jane, r u ready yet?
jane-extrovert- nah not yet
emmythegreat- well get ready fast ok?
jane-extrovert- kay
jane-extrovert- Emmy, im here.
emmythegreat- and . . . :P
jane-extrovert- OPEN THE DOOR!!
emmythegreat- but i’m eating fresh-baked choc-chip cookies . .
*jane-extrovert- just stop with ur dot-dot-dots and get TO THE DOOR
emmythegreat- lolz. ok*
emmythegreat- why are we texing??
jane-extrovert- I dunno?? we have phones . . .
emmythegreat- Lolz. I caught u using dot-dot-dots
jane-extrovert- ARGHH I hate u
emmythegreat- u dont mean that, do u?? *weeps*
jane-extrovert- meant every word. *snorts*
emmythegreat- ewww. ur like a pig.
jane-extrovert- pigs oink, dummy.
emmythegreat- that’s just what they say in the shows. they actually snort in real life.
jane-extrovert- Quit with the blib-blab. could u plz open the door??
emmythegreat- Lolzzzz. I forgot about that.
jane-extrovert- JUST Get to the door already!!!
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