The Thing About Magic
day 1
“honey, close that book! we are only a mile away from the school.” my mom ordered.
“ok ok mom.” I said putting my old book in my lap and covering half of it by my skirt.
“really mom a mile!? yes!” my little brother James-bob
Looking out the window I watched as the tall silver buildings of the city passed by. I was going to hawnder middle on a pre payed scholarship, someone had anamisly pre payed for my stay the same happened last year and my mom was going to pay for it this year but someone beat her to it. puling in to the parking lot nothing had change, the small white buildings sarrownding the main building “senuer rooms”, “main office”,” enpoy rooms” those were the direction signs for the smaller outer rooms, I had mesmerized everyone last year during the weekend I had few friends and my dorm buddy was never there and no one talked to me other then the teachers, of course and no matter where I go someone was there other then the vacant class room but sometimes there was the Colt club, and they got band because of a “demon” insadent last year. we went strat to the main office then waited in a long line to sign me in, next we grabbed my bags and my mom gave me the slip of paper with my room number on it because I had memorized every part of the school every little corner and creases. It was the room closest to the hall coneting to the school building ( were every class but Jim was) and the dorms. walking in the room I quickly puled my stuff in the left side second room the dorms were made out of two rooms the main room with the T.V. and kitchen and couch, then the bed room with two six foot divider creating a one and a half yard hall and two bed rooms with no doors on each side the front of the bed faces the wall and a old wooden dresser below the widow not that the bed is any newer than the dresser witch looks 100 years old. I throw my sheets over the bed and began to put it to gather then sorted my close throw old the old dresser witch on the in side looked older the my book, my mom helped me put everything to gather then I said my good byes to James-bob and my mother, Then went to bed.
The next day I woke up and got strat ready for school then grabbed my book and hurried out the door 7:30 sharp and I went and stat on the rushed, sliver bench in the main hall and began to read my book.
“get up” the high piched soiled toun in the voice of the girl whom just yelled at I already knew my ancer.
“no” I said back to her in th most stuck up toun I could do.
“yes, and now” she shouted right back at me. I didn’t move. “I SAID GET UP” she said in a louder more annoying voice.
“and I said no” she didn’t even realize I was mocking her.
“do you know who I am” she snapped at me expecting me to shut up or say no.
“ya, your a senure but at this school your a first year because it’s your well first year here because you ‘daddy’ said that it was a nice school with weaker people tho he was just trying to get ride of you for a year know you’d agree, not knowing at this school it’s first come first serve.” I shot right back at her, the shock on her face was hlaryuse I had almost laughed out loud but I manged to keep a sturn face.
“It’s because of nerds like you that no one gets there way” she said before she turned to walk away thinking she got the last word.
“Don’t underestimate no one!” I said before I got up and went to class.
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