Three sisters, seperated
The Three
This is me, Shelly, I was born and raised in a shepherds hut. I never knew my true nature, until that fateful day.
So I have light brown hair, it is short and slightly fuzzy. My eyes are a clear blue and I have fair skin. I feel my skin is worth mentioning because it is unusual that a daughter of a tanned shepherd would have fair skin, especially one that spends much time outside.
I have a way with the sheep my father says, I suppose I do like them. The sheep are such agreeable and quiet creatures, so soft and fuzzy. They seem to speak to me like no human can. Then again I never have spoken much. Mother says that I can’t think of anything good to say so I don’t say anything. I guess it could be taken as a compliment, but the way she says it makes it seem so disagreeable. Well I guess she never has liked me much at all. I never was a perfect daughter. But father, father I think really does love me. He says I am saving my words. I think he is correct.
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