The Three-Way Train
Author Note:
Since I shortened the summary of the story ‘The Three-Way Train’ (TTWT), to fit the Storybird guidelines, I thought I might share with you the original summary so you can know what TTWT is about in full*.
*P.S By “full” I mean about half a paragraph/two-three sentences.
Separated at birth, triplets Gabriella, Gabanna and Gabella, (Brie, Gabbi and Ella) are three girls caught up in their own worlds of crime, sadness and love. Brought together by chance, they embark on a journey of a lifetime, to find the person who lost everything, by having them. Their mother.
Gabriella (Brie) rolled her eyes as the rain drops fell from the hole in the rusted tin roof, and fell into the bucket which sat in the middle of the “living room”. It had been raining for days now, which was good news. Ever since she had stolen the jewelry from her foster home, she had been classified in the foster system as a “high-risk”, and since nobody wanted a “high-risk”, she had been placed in a group home. The group home, which is good news to many, wasn’t good news to Brie. She longed to be free and explore the world, she had been placed in the system when she was four years old, and from her sixth birthday onwards, she wished for her eighteenth birthday, the day she would be finally free. The day of her long-awaited eighteenth birthday soon came and passed. A few days after her birthday, Brie faked her death so nobody would track her, and moved into an unused warehouse.
The roller door of the warehouse opened, and brought a draft, as well as Brie’s boyfriend for three years. Drew. Drew was everything she wanted in a guy, he was smart, funny when he should be, trustworthy and wouldn’t rat her out and he understood her, as his own parents and baby brother had died as well. Drew had been there for her since the very start, they were both put into the same foster home from ages four to five, and were inseparable by the age of six, he was there for her when she felt her world was collapsing, and coaxed her into not taking drugs or killing herself. They started dating at age fourteen, broke up four months later, because they felt they were better suited at being friends. But, little did they know, they were meant to be. Brie and Drew resumed dating when they were fifteen and haven’t broken up since.
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