from the maker of: if you were to write a book:
The Tide Turns
The Courtyard
Brenda looked. Everywhere it was dark. No one but her parents knew she was afraid of the dark. Not like she had any friends to tell. Plus, it was a full moon. ‘That’s just superstitious,’ Brenda thought. ‘Nothing is able to hurt me.’ But little did she know, Brenda’s life got freakier.
Brenda tried to think bright thoughts. One of them was this:
“At least it’s morning in China!” None of them seemed to help. Brenda looked out her window. She sighed. Then she saw something move. This something was inhuman. It was darkly colored, and seemed bushy, like it was a giant, hairy mass moving along the grassy yard of Brenda’s house. Then she saw a pair of flashing yellow lights, looking straight through her window. Suddenly the window broke. Brenda screamed, loudly enough for her brothers to hear her. They came in, each looking like they were about to do whatever it took to save their little sister.
The sky was a cloudy gray. Jackson looked at her with sympathy, and Dilan eyed the broken window. It looked as if a hand had gone straight through it. Then she saw a single leaf hanging on the broken glass.
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