A twisted Tale
The Tortoise and the Rabbit
Meet the competitors
Rabbit had self esteem issues. I think he’d worked it out by now. He paced back and forward, his long ears twitching. The tortoise had been taunting him all week leading up to this ridiculous race. He didn’t know how fast he truly was. I think he was terrified to hear he had to compete. Tortoise, the smug little toad he was, walked through town like a king, his face and personality seeming so very benign at first glance. Rabbit was a humble fellow, he preferred to keep himself to himself, understandably due to the tortoise. For heavens sake, the tortoise literally rolled up in a Maserati with sunglasses the other day, purposely skidding mud all over Rabbit, then blaming the poor Rabbit for dirtying his wheels.
“Okay Rabbit pull yourself together... You may not win... well I won’t win. I won’t oh he’ll humiliate me! I’m doomed!” He mutters to himself, sniffing. He sits himself down on the floor and begins to cry
“Oh he’ll crush me! He’ll mush me! My car is homemade! It’ll break and I’ll be humiliated. Oh my parents will hate me! I’ll be a failure!” He wails, grabbing his ears and rocking back and forward. Poor young Rabbit. He hadn’t even strayed near his mid-life-crisis, let alone be old enough to pop a cork and celebrate if he won. If he won this race, it would turn around his life. Rabbit’s whole family worked under tortoises employment, the great stock market crashes putting them in serious financial strife. Rabbit was racing for his freedom from the tortoise.
This race was one of cars. Rabbit knew how to tare down on the hairpins, his drifting impeccable, his timing always right. But tortoise always put him down, using his fancy sports cars and Rolex’s to buy himself a ticket to win. The rabbit knew all about the story of the tortoise and the hare. He knew he was going to loose. But he had to at least try for his families sake. If he didn’t win it would be over for him. Rabbit felt a fire within him stir. A fire that he didn’t know he had. He wrenched himself off the floor, hopping to his room, balling his fists. Rabbit threw on his helmet, and he breathed in and out. His body trembled- but not from fear. Today was the day of the race.
Tortoise was having a great morning. He knew the rabbit was stressing out, and he loved the feeling. To be honest, he couldn’t be more confident of that he would win. He may be slow on land, but on the track he burnt tires faster than gasoline and flame. He slowly ate his slow cooked broccoli, seasoned and decorated with the finest saffron and white truffle, with a touch of gold flakes. He sniffed. Broccoli was a boring thing. He wanted spice. Something as hot as his engines will be. The truffle, sure was a nice touch, however it was only worth its weight in gold. Saffron however, much nicer. He finished up his dainty meal, leaving it to his servants to clean away his dishes. Tortoise thought of every time he humiliated rabbit. Rabbit’s family was under his employment. If rabbit won his family would be free, and would walk out of with with fifty thousand. If tortoise won, Rabbit would be in his debt for life, and rabbit would have to modify his Bugatti for it to go faster. He chuckled. Rabbit was pathetic. He hadn’t a chance at winning this game. Tortoise opened a bottle of champagne, nearly popping the cork before one of his servants interrupted
“Sir isn’t that for if you conquest Rabbit?” His mouse maid tilts her head to the side, her ears raising slightly in question. He didn’t even bother to learn the rodent’s name... what was the point anyway. She was of simpler blood. I assure you, Tortoise was quite literally a narcissist. I think he knew it too... and he liked it.
Tortoise smiled smugly, his sweet and old face looking somewhat sinister.
“No need. I know I’ve won already” he replied, picking up his diamond encrusted racing helmet and plodding slowly out the front door.
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