Avalon Express
Why Are You Following Me?
Laughter. Chatter. Clinking of glasses. These were the noises people made on the Avalon Express, the most luxurious train in the world, which just happened to go on it’s “maiden voyage” to Los Angeles that day. All the Seattle passengers were ready to go to L.A. and all of the people at the Los Angeles’ station were ready to go to Seattle. This is what was expected. But that’s not what happened. Instead of a train arriving in the southern Californian city, there was a small fraction of the Avalon Express’ 1,000 passengers, scratched and bruised walking up the lonely train tracks. 1000 boarded... 25 came back. What has happened?
After the 2017 Avalon Disappearance, all the reporters wanted to figure out what exactly happened. In order to get the stories, you have to get a survivor’s story. The most famous one was Serena Orwell, the youngest aboard. She was 13, and no one younger than that could board. But, she wasn’t very open the day after Avalon Express disappeared. She was walking home with what was left of her luggage, but all the cameramen and paparazzi were around her.
“Man, can’t they go somewhere else with their curiosity?” Serena thought. There was 24 other people that they could bombard with attention. Why Serena? Maybe it’s because she was young and weak. Who cares?! She just wanted to get home. She started to speed up her pace.
“Can you tell me what has happened to the Avalon Express?” One reporter said.
“Was it an accident? Or did it happen on purpose?” Another reporter asked. It was too much for Serena. She finally started to run. It was like a bunch of animals chasing after her, bloodthirsty animals. Well, more like news-thirsty.
“Leave me alone!” She screamed back at them. They came to a halt. It was finally safe to go home.
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