When we authors get writing, look out!
The Transformation of an Author
Kind, benevolent, good-natured;
All words to describe your average person.
They may be accepting and loving on the outside,
But when they start writing, watch out!
Lots of abnormal feistyness can be found
When they get into their work.
It’s funny how authors turn into tyrants
After their pen hits the page.
An author’s mind is a dangerous thing,
You know!
Sensible characters die, villains prevail,
Feelings are hurt,
Protagonists are tortured, and guys fall for lovely girls,
Only to have their hearts broken!
Not that fair for the characters, is it?
The friends and family are shocked
When they see this side to their beloved.
They even think that the author
Might need a psychiatrist!
“How on earth can sweet Jenny
Write something like that?”
They wonder. “But Charles is such a cheerful person!”
They exclaim.
Please don’t judge these author people harshly;
These stories are their outputs.
Their ways of escape from the outside world.
Their means of keeping their sanity.
Or these bad things that happen
Are simply ways to further the plot.
Ways to quicken the action of the book.
It’s not their true nature that appears on the page.
So next time you read your author friend’s work,
Be aware of what you’re getting into.
Keep an open mind,
Let your ears be receiving.
An author has just found her wings;
She needs you to be her moral support.
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