Who will make a better tree house? The girls, or the boys?
The Treehouse Wars
End of The School Year
“RRRINNNNGGG!” The school bell echoed throughout Harriet Elementary School. “Come on!” Jason said to his best friend Max who was still putting on his backpack. “My house, or yours?” Max asked as the two boys walked through the hallway to the entrance hall. “Mine. Me and my dad finished the tree house in that meadow near by backyard.” Jason beamed.
“Awesome!” Max exclaimed. “Does your sister know about it?” Max asked. Jason’s sister was named Amy. According to the best friends, she was extremely annoying.
“Well, if she finds out, i’ll tell her to scram.” Jason said. The boys were out of the school by now, on the pavement right outside the double doors.
“Dude, I have a better idea.” Max said.
“What?” Jason asked, anticipated.
“We put a NO GIRL’S ALLOWED sign in front of it.” Max said.
“Awesome, dude!” Jason high-fived his best friend. Together, the two boys walked to Jason’s house while discussing possible booby traps they could set in order to keep Amy out of their Treehouse.

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