What happens when four friends play the ‘Bloody Mary’ Game?
“What do you feel like playing?” my friend Emma asked.
“Oooh. How about Twister?” Julie was twirling her hair with her finger.
“Nah. I feel like doing something scary.” Claire, my other friend suggested.
Emma, Julie, and Claire were staying over at my house tonight. Right now it was only eight o’clock at night. Since we were 13, my Mom we said we could stay up till eleven o’clock. Also because that meant we would sleep late the next morning.
“How ‘bout Charlie Charlie?” Julie said.
“That game’s pretty boring and it’s a hoax. Those people on Youtube that play it are just blowing on the pencil.” I rolled my eyes. “
Bloody Mary?” Claire suggested, her eyes glowing. Claire is always one for a scary game. She was definitely not a chicken, unlike her other friends.
“Guys, I kinda don’t wanna play a scary game right now.” Emma whined. “Me neither.” I said.
“Babies.” Claire rolled her eyes, but agreed.
“Can we play maybe later. Please?” She pleaded, “If you haven’t played Bloody Mary at a sleepover, you didn’t have a sleepover.”
“Um . sure.” Emma agreed, sighing. After a small bit of arguing, we chose to play Twister, and 15 minutes into the game, I nearly broke my joints.
“Aargh.” I groaned as I got up.
“You should really take gymnastics with me, Ella.” Julie looked at me, stretching her left leg far in the air.
“I told you, I don’t have any time.” I giggled, stretching my foot only a few feet in the air.
“Guys, can we please play Bloody Mary now.” Claire asked, pulling down on her shaggy brunette hair and her blue eyes filled with plea.
“Ok, I guess so.” Me, Julie, and Emma said in unison. “Wow. I guess we are pretty same.” I laughed.
Julie and me tiptoed downstairs to the pantry to get some matches. Once we got back upstairs, Emma and Claire were ready with the incense and candles.
We got in the bathroom, and turned on the lights. Emma struggled with lighting the candles, and I was a bit worried.
“You better not light my bathroom on fire. My Mom will never let me have you over again.” I hissed.
“Okay.” Emma giggled.
Then finally, when she got all three candles lit, we turned off the lights. Claire, the one closest to the toilet flushed it, and then we started chanting.
“Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.” We waited a few moments, and nothing happened.
“I knew this wasn’t gonna work.” Julie rolled her eyes. Suddenly, something happened.
The mirror shattered into smithereens, and a bloody, zombie-like, unsettling thing burst out.
Me, Julie, Emma, and Claire all screamed. When we looked more closely, we saw it was a girl.
“You called me. what do you want?” Bloody Mary asked in a deep and vile tone. When, we didn’t answer, she spoke again.
“Oh, you called me because you thought it was a game! Well, you wasted my time so I will take you all!” Bloody Mary screeched.
Emma, the one closest to the door, tried to open it but it was locked shut.
“We’re sorry!” Claire screamed, trying to back away.
“Oooh. Maybe I’ll take you back home. I’ve always wanted a captive with hazel eyes.” Bloody Mary said in an unsettling tone.
“N-no. P-p-please! C-can y-y-you let us g-g-g-o?!” Julie blubbered.
“Oh, but you called me, and i’m here. So I will do what I please!” Bloody Mary screamed.
Emma started crying, and I hadn’t been more scared in my entire life.
“Which one should I fix first?” Bloody Mary asked out loud, creepily.
Then, she pointed to Julie. “I’ve always wanted to kill a girl with black hair, just like me.” Bloody Mary cackled.
It all happened so fast. I felt something clawing at my face, and heard one of my friends scream. I fell to the floor with a thud, and the last thing I saw before it all went black was Bloody Mary’s horrid and foul face, and Claire’s bloody body.
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