The Hidden monster creeping in the sea
The Tsunami
Disaster Strikes
“We should make a sandcastle here!” My friend Tom says. Tom starts to dig the sand. Yeah, whatever, I mumble.
Suddenly, a deafening sound of a siren rings through my ears. I look around. A strange rumble. Then all the water from the beach get sucked up far out to sea. Peculiar. That was the last thing I heard before a thundering roar comes at us. Run! I hear someone scream. My body freezes. Electric flashes run through my head. As the wall of water gets closer, my life flashes in front of me. My life. My first steps. My friends. My family. Adrenalin runs through me. My brain shouts, Go, go. Run. Just run. That is all I am thinking. I forget the pricks beneath my feet. I forget the fear. I forget about running out of breath. I only know one thing: Run. My heart pumping, I run as fast as I can. I am a human on the edge of life and death. I am one to make the choice. I just run and run and run. I steal a glance behind me. The wall of water rushes closer and closer, closer and closer. I hear someone scream. But Mother Nature does not stop her rage on us. All I see is a blur as I become lightning. My bolts race the sky and will not stop until I can see that I am safe. On the brink of my fate, I hear a deafening crash. On my right, I can just make out a raging flame taking out a tree.
As soon as I know it, everything around me is set of fire. The red flames just keep on raging with anger. This is revenge. This is the wrath that humans have done to the environment. This is pure anger firing on people. This is hell on earth. Everything burns around me, casting a dark shadow on the fate of humans. That’s when everything goes black.
When I come to, I realize that I am shivering in my own bedroom. Oh, how it safe it feels to be in a peaceful world.

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