Ben’s Crush
“Almost got it,” I said to myself. My newest superhero was almost done. I just needed the cape to look like it was really blowing around from the wind. I blew a big bubble as I concentrated. The bubble popped all over my face. As I started to pull it off I heard one of my neighbors.
“Nice mask Treeman,” said Felicity.
Felicity is two years older than I am, the second most beautiful girl in my neighborhood, and she lives right next door! I don’t mind too much that we only got the platform done for my treehouse. I can sketch and draw up here and I have no walls blocking my view of Felicity’s back yard.
“Hey...hi, uh it’s gum,” I said. Man! Way to be smooth.
“I know,” she said. As she tossed a bag into the garbage can. “I heard you got Saturday detentions.”
My blabber mouth sister! “Yeah,” I said. Would she never talk to me again now?
“So, what did you do?” Felicity asked.
Ugh, my heart. This was it, any chance I ever had of dating her one day, blown. Why couldn’t I have done something super cool to get detention. Maybe I could lie? Think, think. Nothing! What if she already knows why? She’s staring at me, waiting.
“Well, um, I guess I’m not paying attention and stuff. Not doing homework. I get in trouble for clowning around and I carved one of my comics into a desk,” I explained.
“Oh, well you’ve always been a clown. See you later,” she said and walked back into her house.
“She thinks I’m funny! Yes!” I can’t believe she still likes me. Maybe. She did say she would see me later, which means she wants to see me again. I flipped a few pages ahead in my sketch book to the wise Raghnall. My inspiring three legged ant character.
“Raghnall, do you think Felicity likes me? Will she ever go out with me?”
Raghnall seemed to think that I needed to untangle my tongue when I’m around Felicity. Take it slow and just be my funny self. Maybe bring her some flowers one day and see what happens. Unfortunately my wise friend thinks a two year age difference is too much right now. One day it won’t be so big a difference though. I will be ready for that day.
“Hey tree sap! It’s your turn to do the dishes!” Amelia yelled.
“It’s your turn! I did the dishes last night,” I yelled back.
“You did not liar! I did them last night,” she yelled back. “You better not be using my sketch pad up there!”
“It’s not yours,” I yelled back.
I got my stuff together. I flipped the sketch book over. “Ben Woodruff”, was printed along the bottom. “Phew!” I quickly wrote a note to myself. ‘Explore ideas for a superhero named Treeman, who saves the beautiful Felicity from evil villain Treesap.’ I climbed down and went inside. My sister blocked my way to my room and made me do the stupid dishes. At least we have a dishwasher. When I was done my Mom came home tired and grumpy.
Before I knew it my Mom and sister were arguing about something. So I went into the living room and watched TV until 10:00. Times like these I really wish my Dad was here. He is always having to travel for work and I’m stuck here with my Mom and sister. I tried texting friends and my cousin but everyone’s busy. Even worse tomorrow is Saturday. Six hours of detention! I wish we could just work on the mural. I think it’s going to look pretty cool. I wonder if we can paint more murals around the school. Personally I’d like a superhero themed school. Characters in action on all the walls. With fun jokes like, “What is a superhero’s favorite part of the joke? The “punch” line!”
Morning came too quickly. My Mom was nagging me from the time I got up until she dropped me off at school. It is pretty sad when you are suddenly glad you have a day of detention because it gets you away from your family. I think my arm muscles are getting bigger from all the work we do in detention though. That is sort of cool. The girls will say, “Ben is funny, artistic, and did you see those muscles!” Yeah, I could live with that.
I walked into the entry way to a bit of a different site. Braeden was skateboarding around the entry way, music was playing, the girls were laughing, Tyler was pretending to play basketball, and Sawyer was his sports announcer. Normally everyone just sat on a bench and waited. It was cool but weird.
“Hey dude!” Said Braeden as he stopped his board in front of me.
“Was detention cancelled?”
“No, why?” Braeden asked.
“Just wishful thinking,” I said.
“Ben!” Called Zoey. “Show Savannah your comic characters.”
I proudly pulled my cell phone out of my pocket to show off my amazing art work. Savannah seemed to like my comic characters too. Maybe I should show my work to Felicity. Girls seem very impressed by my talent.
We were soon interrupted by Principal Callahan. Our cell phones, music, lunches and skateboard were confiscated for the day as usual. Mr. Dan gave us our first jobs. Braeden and I had to scrape gum off the bottom of some tables.
“I am so sick of cleaning up after all the slobs that go here, this sucks,” said Braeden.
I laughed. “Dude, we were the slobs.”
“Well, yeah, were. Not anymore. This is what, are fifth detention?” Asked Braeden.
“After next week I don’t plan on ending up back here. I wouldn’t even do this for pay.” Said Braeden.
“Yeah same here,” I admitted.
I never realized how hard and gross it was to scrape gum off the bottom of tables and desks. Honestly it didn’t even occur to me that someone had to clean it. It was just a quick and easy way to get rid of gum. Out of sight out of mind. Since I’ve had to spend my Saturday’s scraping this stuff off I have stopped sticking gum under stuff. I just save the wrapper in my pocket to wrap around my chewed gum when I’m done and then toss it in the garbage. I wish everyone else would do that too.
“Hey, I saw that character you carved in one of the desks. It was pretty cool. Think you could paint one on my skateboard?” Asked Braeden.
“Seriously? I mean yeah, totally.”
“Cool,” said Braeden.
“How did you see my carving?”
“I was snooping around the janitor’s room the other day and saw it in the way back corner. It looks like someone tried to sand it but it was too deep,” said Braeden.
“Oh,” I said. I was sort of mad they tried to sand it off. Yet I felt bad too that I wasted a desk. Ugh, so many conflicting feelings.
By 12:30 we were able to work on our mural. We are getting so close to being done. It is so awesome.
We were all working when someone entered the school. I turned to see some girl walk in. She looked more like a high school girl than a middle schooler. She stopped to look at our mural.
“Hi!” Said Savannah.
“Hi!” She said back. “Great job on the mural.”
Braeden took a step back his left foot stepping right into a pan of purple paint. He leaned on the ladder looking all cool.
“Thanks. Do you paint?” asked Braeden.
“Sometimes. Not murals though. This must have taken a lot of work,” said the girl.
“Yeah, but I love to paint,” said Braeden.
“Dude,” I said. He waved away my words. Did he not know he was stepping in paint?
“So, you come here often?” Asked Braeden.
“Uh no. Not really. I’m just dropping something off for my Mom,” she said. “Well, keep up the good work guys.”
“I will. I hope to see you again,” Said Braeden.
The girl looked a little confused and then said goodbye. She walked toward the office.
“Who’s her Mom?” Zoey asked.
“That is Principal Callahan’s daughter,” said Braeden.
“Wow. I never would have guessed,” said Tyler.
“I know right?” Said Braeden.
“Dude, you do know you’re standing in paint don’t you?” I said.
“What?” Said Braeden looking down. Then he cursed. He didn’t seem to be concerned that Callahan’s daughter had probably noticed.
“Someone hand me a towel,” Braeden said.
Sawyer tossed him a towel as everyone tried not to laugh.
“You like Callahan’s daughter!” Said Tyler through laughter.
“Could you imagine if Principal Callahan was your future mother-in-law?” I said.
“She would never let her daughter marry this delinquent.” Said Zoey.
“Hey, I am like a diamond in the rough. I’ve made mistakes but I am still way cool.” Said Braeden.
“So you’d want Callahan as your mother-in-law?” Asked Tyler.
“Heck no!” Said Braeden.
“Ha ha! Sort of like, no matter how great the temptation, don’t lick a steak knife.” I said.
Everyone laughed. When detention was over we were so close to being done with the mural. We will definitely have it done next Saturday.
Our last detention.

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