Sawyer And The Final Detention
“Sawyer, you need to eat something,” my Mom said.
“I’m not hungry,” I said for the third time.
“At least take something with you in case you get hungry,” she said.
“I have my lunch. The principal takes all our stuff until lunch break. So I can’t eat anything until then anyway.”
“Well I will just write you a note,” she said.
“Mom! No. This is detention. I will be fine,” I said.
“I know, I’ll give your principal your breakfast myself and explain the situation to her mother to mother…”
“Oh my God! Mom, stop it please. Here, I’ll eat a banana. Happy?”
“Well, I’m happy you’re eating but I don’t care much for your attitude,” she said.
“I’m sorry. You just don’t understand how my Mommy bringing in breakfast for me in case I get hungry could destroy my reputation which is in a pretty sad state as it is,” I said.
“Oh Sawyer getting detention doesn’t make you a bad kid. Everything will be fine,” said my mother while mussing my hair with her hand.
“I’ll wait outside,” I said. I stopped by the mirror in the hallway to fix my hair. Man, mothers can be so annoying. My Mom doesn’t have a clue what I go through. I sat down on the porch swing and finished my banana. Maybe I was kind of hungry. Not that I will ever admit that to my Mom. A large dog ran into our yard barking at me.
“Go home! Go!” I stood up and barked back at him. He finally left. I think he lives in the house on the corner. His owner should keep him in their fenced back yard. The dog barks at everyone and scares little kids.
“Hey! Keep it down over there, people are trying to sleep!” Yelled Eleanor from her bedroom window.
“Monster was in my yard again!” I said. Monster is what Eli calls the dog. We don’t know his real name.
“Someone needs to talk to his owner,” she said.
“Why don’t you? I have somewhere to be today!”
“Me too, dreamland!” She said. She gave me a big smile.
I shook my fist at her and she closed her window. I wish I could sleep in. Next Saturday. Now there was a great thought, next Saturday I was free to sleep in.
My mother dropped me off at school. I walked in. Braeden looked like he was sleeping on one of the benches. I took a long look at our mural. I had to admit it looked pretty cool. I turned just as Tyler came through the entryway door.
“Hey!” He said. Then he motioned to Braeden. “Is he asleep?”
I shrugged and sat down on the bench across from Braeden. Tyler walked over to Braeden. He lifted up the string from his hoodie and lightly dragged it across the side of Braeden’s face until he swiped at it with his hand. Tyler laughed and did it again. Braeden groaned.
“Wake up sweetie, it’s time for school,” Tyler said in a high pitched voice. Obviously trying to sound like his mother.
Braeden turned looking at Tyler with his eyes only half open. “What?”
Tyler laughed. “Get up loser.”
Braeden rubbed his eyes and sat up.
“Late night?” Asked Tyler.
“Uh. Yeah. I had trouble falling asleep. Everyone here?” Braeden asked.
“Just the Saw and I,” Tyler said. “Last detention guys.”
“Yes!” I said.
“Next Saturday, I’m not getting out of bed before noon,” Braeden said.
Zoey walked in and announced, “Last day of detention!”
“Yeah it is!” I said.
Once we were all there we went through the normal drill. Zoey, Braeden and I had to scrub lockers and help pick up litter. We were all a little tired today it seemed. Mr. Dan yelled at us all to wake up and work hard unless we wanted to come back next Saturday. We all stepped up our game.
Speaking of games, Braeden and Zoey both said they would like to come over sometime to play D & D. I was surprised Braeden liked role playing games. I thought he was to cool for that. Ben already said he would be interested. It will be so great to have some more characters in the game. Eli will probably like having another girl there too.
“Braeden and Sawyer, come with me. Zoey you can join Savannah in the girls locker room.” Said Mr. Dan.
“Super,” said Zoey sarcastically.
Braeden and I got to spray paint over some graffiti on a few chairs outside.
“Teachers tell us to follow our dreams....Yet they don’t let us sleep in class,” I read on the back of one of the chairs. “That sounds like something Ben would write.”
“Totally!” Said Braeden. “Whoa dude! Don’t spray yet. You have to check the wind so you don’t end up with paint on you. Or worse, me.”
Braeden licked his finger and held it up. “Okay. Slight breeze from the north. So…let’s face south,”
We began spray painting chairs. It was kind of fun. However my next job was to clean chewed gum and soda stains off a water fountain. I am never using that water fountain again. What is wrong with people?
The guys and I had to take garbage bags out to the dumpster. Braeden pretended he was going to throw Ben into the dumpster. Apparently Ben has actually been thrown into the dumpster before. So gross. Although the guys in P.E. tossed me into the dirty towel hamper once. That’s still not as gross as falling into garbage.
After wiping down half a dozen chalk boards it was finally lunch time. Now I was seriously starving. I washed my hands along with the other guys. When we walked out I realized how much neater we were. Tyler didn’t over do the soap making a puddle left on the floor. No one left wadded paper towels on the floor. It was a relief we wouldn’t be sent back in here later to clean up.
We sat on the benches for lunch. There was a lot more talking during lunches. That first day in detention it was so quiet and kind of awkward. I think I kind of like these people. How weird is that to make friends in detention. It sounds like a mother’s nightmare. Maybe I won’t mention I met my new gaming friends in detention when they come over. Surprisingly all five of them are up for a game night at my house.
“I’m kind of sad this is our last detention,” said Savannah.
“What? Are you crazy?” Said Zoey.
We all looked at Savannah like she had lost her mind.
“I don’t mean detention. But I will kind of miss hanging out with all of you and working on our mural,” said Savannah.
“Yeah, I get that. I’m totally psyched we are almost done with this but I’ll miss painting with you guys,” said Zoey.
“We always have game night,” I said.
“True,” said Savannah.
“Maybe we can get permission to paint more walls around the school. Not on weekends though!” Said Tyler.
“This lame school totally needs an art class,” said Braeden.
“Yes it does!” Said Zoey.
“We can go on strike for an art class,” said Ben.
“That would never work. I think it’s a budget thing,” said Savannah.
“Maybe we could raise the money or something?” Said Zoey.
“Not on weekends,” said Braeden.
I agreed. It seemed like a lot of work for some extra money. If we didn’t raise enough for an art class it would all have been for nothing anyway.
Callahan came back and had us clean up. Zoey swept today.
Braeden asked Callahan if her daughter was stopping by today. I knew he had a crush on her. I would definitely give him a hard time about that later. Then he asked if we could leave early. He got a big fat ‘No’ of course.
Mr. Dan put us back to work. I cannot believe there was more gum to scrape off the bottom of desks. I want to take chewed gum and stick it in the hair of every student that has ever left their disgusting gum under tables and desks in this school. And the water fountain!
Finally, we were free to finish our mural. We hurried to get all the supplies out and get painting. Principal Callahan turned on the school speaker so we could hear the music playing on the office radio. The girls started dancing around.
“Thank you Principal Callahan!” Yelled Tyler.
We finished up with 20 minutes to spare. After cleaning everything up Savannah went to get Principal Callahan to show her our finished mural.
“I have to admit you kids did a great job,” said Mr. Dan.
“Okay, let’s see this masterpiece,” said Principal Callahan as she walked over to us. She turned and looked at our mural. “Wow, I am very impressed. The six of you have done a wonderful job. Although I am going to miss Braeden’s ‘School Sucks’ sprayed across the wall.” She playfully glared at him and shook her finger.
She had us sit down on the benches. “I have to say I am very pleased with the changes I have seen in the six of you. I would like you each to tell me what you have learned over the last five Saturdays.” Said Callahan.
“I do not want to be a janitor!” Said Braeden.
“Middle school students are pigs,” said Zoey.
“I learned that what we do or don’t do affects others. It is easy to leave your litter around but someone has to clean it up and that’s not right,” said Savannah.
“We need to respect others and our school,” I said.
“Always ask permission before you paint a mural on the school wall,” said Ben. “Oh and never stick gum under tables or desks.”
“Amen to that!” I said.
“I learned not to blame others for my mistakes. I thought my team turned on me, but I wasn’t being a good team player. I need to pay attention and get my grades up so I deserve to play on the basketball team. As students we are all kind of a team in this school. We all need to help do our part to keep it clean and respect each other to keep things going smoothly.” Tyler said.
“I learned that maybe I should care more about my grades. I really love art and music, so I probably will want to get into an art school or something one day,” said Braeden.
“I need to accept that everyone has their own opinions and I don’t need to lose my cool just because I don’t agree, at all, with a teacher. Also I’ve learned that I want to do better in school,” said Zoey.
Everyone seemed to think of more things to add. Principal Callahan seemed happy with our answers. We all asked if we could add art to the curriculum or have an art club. She said she would look into it. Having the mural might help.
She also had us thank Mr. Dan and she invited parents in to see our mural. Our parents all loved it of course. It will be cool having everyone know that we painted the school mural. Principal Callahan took our picture in front of it to put on the school website.
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