A bowl of Captain Crunch cereal and a new recorded ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Now this is a perfect Sunday.
“Savannah! Oh, there you are. I am running some errands with your Dad. Do you want to join us?” Asked Mom.
“No thanks, I’m good.”
“Well, don’t spill on the couch and please try to gather as many of your clothes as you can find. I am doing washes when we return.”
“I’m on it,” I said.
“What does that mean?” Asked Mom.
“I’ve got a dark wash in the washer, a white wash in the dryer. Next in line is a basket of denim stuff.”
“You’re joking? Please tell me you’re joking,” said Mom.
“I’m serious why?”
“Oh dear, you don’t even know how to do washes yourself! Do you?”
“Yeah, I watched a video on YouTube. No prob.”
“I don’t know what that is…” Mom said. Then she disappeared.
“Weird,” I said to myself.
A minute later my Mom came back into the living room.
“Well, it looks like you are doing a fine job with the laundry. I think I like this view tube.”
“YouTube. Y-O-U- Tube. Yeah it will teach you just about anything. Wait! Did you go check the laundry room to see if I messed it up?”
“I just wanted to double check to make sure everything was running properly and the room wasn’t flooding or anything,” said Mom.
“Oh wow! Thanks for trusting me.”
“Well, you haven’t done laundry before. I’m a Mom, I worry. I am…surprised. What made you decide to wash your own laundry?”
“I just finally felt like having clean clothes where they belong. Which means I will be folding them and putting them in my drawers,” I said. I gave her a smile.
“Well, that makes me very happy to see you getting a bit more organized.”
“You should see my room. I totally cleaned it yesterday,” I told her.
“I will check it out when I get back. Keep up the good work,” Mom said.
I finished my cereal and paused my show. I put the bowl in the kitchen sink and checked the dryer timer. Thirty-seven minutes left. I went upstairs and went into Kelsey’s room. I sat at her desk and opened the drawer she kept all her school work in. I searched through her completely organized folders and found the one I was looking for. “The Importance of art in our schools. By: Kelsey Hoffman” Perfect!
I went over and lay down on Kelsey’s bed. “Hey Sis. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your paper. I thought it might help me out. My friends from detention and I are going to try to get some sort of art program in our school. I figured you wouldn’t mind helping out. You won’t believe it but my room is almost as neat as yours now. I don’t know what happened to me yesterday. My first Saturday free after 5 weeks of detention and I clean my room. I plead temporary insanity. Mom might actually faint when she sees it.
Well, I better see what helpful facts you have in this paper. Plus I have laundry to do. I know, you never thought you’d hear those words come out of my mouth, right? I’m telling you, temporary insanity. Don’t worry it probably won’t last. I miss you Kels.”
I got up and smoothed out the top bed cover. On her night table I saw a plaque Kelsey painted a few years ago. It said, “Art is where my heart is.” She painted fine little swirling lines with hearts and flowers around the words. It was pretty. I don’t remember this being here.
“Kelsey? Did you put this here for me? Are you giving me a message or do you mean for me to keep it? I think I will leave it here for now. You can give me a sign if you want me to have it. I feel the same. I love you Sis.”
I snuck out of her bedroom and wiped any finger prints off of the door knob. I went into my room and quickly looked through Kelsey’s paper. There was definitely some helpful arguments to help convince our principal that art was needed in our school. I tucked it under some papers in my night table drawer and went downstairs to check my laundry.
Monday came way to soon as usual. I felt like I had been in school for hours but it was only third period. Instead of paying attention to the teacher I was jotting down ideas for bringing art into the school now. Classes were unrealistic at this point. Maybe next year. But I still needed something to get me through the rest of this year.
-So, that would leave a before or after school art program. That may require a teacher to teach.
-Maybe a club. That way the students could run it and we would just need any old teacher to supervise.
-Or the six of us can come in for a couple of hours once a week, and Mr. Dan could supervise while we paint other walls in the school. Sort of a freshen up the school club.
-Or we could have an art night. Like science fair night. Only students can bring in their art piece to show off and maybe win ribbons.
When the bell rang for lunch time, I was so relieved and hungry. I saw Braeden by my locker. I asked him to sit with me at lunch. He said he was taking off with some buddies. I tried to tell him what I wanted to talk to him about but his buddies showed up and one said, “Let’s bounce dude.” I don’t really like some of his friends. They seem like trouble makers.
I asked Ben and Zoey if they would sit at my table. Luckily they were willing too. “Ben and Zoey this is my friend Nora, Nora this is Ben and Zoey.” They said their polite hellos. I pushed my notebook across the table so Zoey could read my ideas to keep us doing art this year. After she read it she showed it to Ben. I peeled my orange.
“I think we should do an art show. That way we can do any kind of art medium we want,” said Zoey.
“Hey, why did the painter cross the road?” Asked Ben as he handed my notebook back.
“To paint the chicken?” I guessed.
“Ha, no. To see from the other side,” Ben said and then laughed. “Get it?”
“No,” said Nora.
“He was getting a different perspective. Ah, never mind,” said Ben. “Oh wait, I have another one. What did the artist say to the dentist? Matisse hurt!”
“Okay, that one is funny,” said Zoey. “So how do we get the school to have an art show?”
“Or an art club would be cool,” said Ben.
“I’m guessing we should ask the principal first. Maybe if we all go together she will consider it.”
“When should we ask?” Zoey wanted to know.
“We need to find out when the others are free. Maybe before or after school?”
“Why do we need the others? Let’s just go ask after lunch.” Said Ben.
“I just thought if there were more of us she would be more likely to consider it.”
“Hey, we should all ask our friends if they would be interested!” Said Zoey. “That way if Callahan says six people is not enough for a club or art show we can tell her others are interested too.”
“Good idea. Are you interested Nora?”
“Yeah, maybe. It depends what day the art club could meet. I could do an art show,” said Nora.
So, by the end of lunch we sort of had a plan. We would ask as many people as we could if they would be interested if there were an art club or an art show. We needed to make sure Tyler, Sawyer and Braeden were on board. Then we would pick a time when all of us or some of us could talk to the principal.
After school I saw Tyler. He said he was interested for sure and would ask around. I didn’t see Braeden at all. Zoey said she would talk to Sawyer. They had the same class fifth period. When I got home my Aunt Maureen was there so I didn’t have a chance to text Zoey. My aunt had a million questions for me as usual. We only see my Dad’s older sister a few times a year, so it is not too bad that she has to know everything going on in my life. When I say everything, I mean everything! She asked if there were any boys I liked, what classes I’m taking, if I was wearing a bra yet, what books I’m reading, what music I’m listening too, how much I have grown since our last visit and so on. It’s rather exhausting and truthfully some of the questions are none of her business but I can’t be rude. I just have to bite my tongue and answer politely. Don’t get me wrong, she’s great and all, but just a little too nosey in my opinion. I’m pretty sure if I left my diary out in plain sight, she would read it.
By the time my aunt left and I got ready for bed I was too tired to try to text anyone. It’s only Monday night and I can’t wait for the weekend. It’s going to be a long week.

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