Savannah Studying?
There was a knock at my bedroom door. My mother informed me it was after eleven at night. I informed her that it was not a school night. Tomorrow was in fact Saturday. My mother did not seem to care and told me to go to bed. I said I would. I turned off my main light but kept my reading light on by my bed. I looked down at my notes.
The Importance of art in our schools:
~The arts are proven to reach students not normally reached, in ways and methods that are not normally used. This then leads to better student attendance and lower dropout rates. (And probably less graffiti I would guess.)
~The arts bring fun and discovery into learning which helps with students that have trouble just being fed facts all the time.
~ The arts help students of all levels and helps students connect with each other. Which could totally lower the number of kids being bullied, give kids a greater understanding of diversity, and greater peer support.
~ According to Americans for the Arts, young people who participate regularly in the arts (three hours a day on three days each week through one full year) are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, to participate in a math and science fair or to win an award for writing an essay or poem than children who do not participate.
~The sort of people society needs to make it move forward are thinking, inventive people who seek new ways and improvements, not people who can only follow directions.
I was definitely finding tons of good information to prove that we need art in our school. Principal Callahan said she would take any information we could find and statements about how we feel having the arts in our school would improve our learning ability and attendance to the next school board meeting. It totally helped that Braeden won ten thousand dollars to kick start art classes at our school too. This just has to work out. At least we were having a school art show this spring. That is going to be so awesome. I’m so happy Mrs. Dunley and a few other teachers agreed to help out. Monday we are announcing the art show to the school during the morning announcements. Teachers will be passing out forms for students to fill out if they are entering an art project. Plus classes will each choose a basket theme. Everyone in that class will donate an item to go in the theme basket. Hopefully we can sell a lot of raffle tickets. All proceeds will go toward art classes next fall.
I found some articles on art therapy too. I didn’t even realize how helpful it was that I turned to art to deal with the loss of my sister. It helped me express myself and made me feel closer to her because we were always doing arts and crafts together. Art is just everything to me.
I decided I would enter a watercolor painting. I was still trying to decide if I wanted to paint flowers or some sort of nature picture or maybe the covered bridge down by the park. I walked over that bridge about a million times with Kelsey. We always stopped in the middle to look down at the water. If there were no ducks we would try really hard to spot a fish.
I suddenly woke up. My notebook on my bed and my reading light still on. I rubbed my eyes and looked at my alarm clock. It was 2:20 AM! I turned off my reading light and closed my eyes. Then I heard a noise. Did something fall in the hallway? I listened. I thought I heard something else. I got out of bed and tiptoed to my bedroom door. Very slowly I turned the knob and opened the door slightly. The hallway was dark and quiet. I thought I heard someone clearing their voice. I stepped into the hall and silently walked toward Kelsey’s room. Her door opened and I saw a tall shadow. I screamed. Someone started shushing me.
“Sweetie, it’s Dad,” he said in a loud whisper.
I looked closer and hugged him as tears ran down my face.
“I’m so sorry I scared you,” Dad said. “I hope we didn’t wake your Mom.”
He signaled for me to step into my room and he followed me in and shut the door. I turned on my light which stung both our eyes.
“Are you okay Sweetie?” Dad asked.
“Yes,” I said wiping my eyes. “You practically gave me a heart attack.”
“I about had one myself,” Dad admitted. “What are you doing up so late?”
“I woke up and thought I heard a noise, so I went out into the hall to see what it was.”
“Well, it was just me. Why don’t you hop back into bed? I should get to bed myself,” said Dad.
“Wait, why were you in Kelsey’s room dad?”
“Oh, I was just checking to make sure all the windows were locked and the house is safe. Everything is fine, so get to sleep. Goodnight,” Dad said. He left closing my door behind him.
I was left with an odd feeling. Was my Dad telling the truth? Had he heard something in Kelsey’s room? Was he in there doing something or looking for something? I hoped he hadn’t found any evidence that I go in there from time to time. I kept trying to figure out why he was really in there until I finally fell back asleep.
The next morning I awoke to the loud and very annoying sound of the vacuum cleaner. It sounded like my Mom was vacuuming right on the other side of my bedroom door. I bet if I didn’t wake up soon she would actually vacuum my room to wake me. I got up and went out into the hallway. I stood there with my arms crossed and ‘the look’ on my face to make sure she knew I was not happy with her at all.
“Good morning!” She yelled over the noise of the vacuum. “It looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Why don’t you shower while I finish up and I’ll make some breakfast!”
I headed toward the bathroom. Wrong side of the bed my foot. She knew darn well she was the cause of my grumpiness. If I woke her with the vacuum she would be so mad. Yet it’s okay for her to wake others with that brain rattling noise? So not fair.
After I showered and dressed I went downstairs for breakfast. I turned up my nose at the oatmeal so Mom made some waffles.
“Where’s Dad?” I asked.
“He had to go into the office for a few hours. I’d like you to help me clean up a bit today. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace are coming over for dinner tonight.” Said Mom.
“Please tell me they are not bringing their son!”
“Savannah! Chadwick is a very nice and quiet boy.”
“Mom, he is weird and you know he is.”
“Don’t be mean, he’s a nice boy,” said Mom.
“Need I remind you about the time he stuck green beans up his nose, or tried to karate chop the hotdogs in half at the barbeque? He made us call him Booger and he hid the Jell-O mold in that large antique vase you loved.”
“Savannah, he was just a young boy.”
“Mom, when he came over a few months ago he rearranged everything in the bathroom to make it harmonize with the spiritual forces. I don’t even care to know what that means.”
“Okay, he’s a little weird. However he is not coming over tonight,” said Mom.
“Yes! Hallelujah! Praise Lucky Charms!!”
“You are a little bit weird yourself my dear,” teased Mom.
“Hey! I am adorably funny.”
Monday morning we got to announce Mountain View Middle School’s very first art show. The six of us made a little script and each read a line or two. I know it sounds a little childish but that way we were all part of the announcement. We asked each of the homerooms to start thinking up themes for their class raffle basket.
I have Mrs. Dunley for second period English. I got to talk to her about the art show for a bit. She is just as excited for it as I am. She loves to paint too which I thought was very cool. I told her she should be our art teacher next year and she said she would love that. I hope it all works out that way. I get so excited when I think of being able to go to art class next year. That will be the coolest thing ever.
At lunch we were all so excited about the art show. Even my friend Nora is totally excited. Ben was telling us jokes again as usual. He had a one liner that was pretty cool. I never would have thought of it myself. He said, “The “earth” without “art” is just “eh.” It is so true!
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