I started drumming on my chairs arm rests with my thumbs, as I tapped my foot. I look up and see a secretary looking at me. She does not look happy and I realize it is my drumming. “Sorry.” She shakes her head and goes back to whatever she was doing on her computer.
Tyler made a noise in the back of his throat like he was holding back a laugh. I bumped his arm with my elbow. I hope Principal Callahan gets in here soon or I’m going to go nuts. Zoey walks into the office area and sits in the farthest chair by Savannah. I see them whispering.
Finally the unmistakable clicking sound of Callahan’s high heels on the floor as she enters the office.
“Good you’re all here. Follow me please,” said Principal Callahan.
The six of us followed her out into the side hallway. A photographer was all set up. He was the same photographer that took all the class pictures and sports pictures for the yearbook.
“Can I have you kids line up on the piece of tape please. Then if I could have each adult on either end,” said the photographer.
Zoey was on the end. I stood next to her with Ben on the other side of me. Then Tyler stood on Ben’s other side followed by Savannah and then Sawyer. Principal Callahan stood behind Zoey and Mr. Dan stood behind Sawyer.
The photographer motioned for us to move in closer. “Okay, how about you six put your arms around each other so you’re nice and close. Callahan placed her hand on mine which was a little awkward.
“Everyone smile!” Said the photographer. “Come on guys, I want big smiles. Ready? Say Detention!”
We all laughed. We got a good picture though. “Thank you, good job everyone, now you six get back to class,” said Principal Callahan.
“This picture isn’t for those who got detention is it?” Asked Savannah.
“No, this is a good thing. It will appear by a photo of your wonderful mural,” said Callahan.
“Oh, cool,” said Savannah.
We started walking down the main hall.
“Haha, detention club,” said Ben.
“I have to admit I was afraid with the janitor in the picture the caption might be ‘Mr. Dan’s junior janitors,” said Sawyer.
“Man that would be a coolness killer,” I said.
“Totally,” said Tyler. Tyler jumped up to slap a hanging banner which tore a bit since it was paper. “Oops. No one saw that.” He looked behind him to make sure no one else was in the hall.
We all headed back to our classes. I was happy to have missed part of math class. Now that school is almost done classes are really boring. We finished our final tests and everything. There are still three school days next week. Well two and a half to be exact. Only one kid was taking notes in math class. She’s one of those straight A+ students though. I doubt anyone else was paying attention. I know my friend Nate wasn’t. He held up a picture of a stick figure hanging from a noose for me to see. I’m positive it wasn’t a game of hangman. Joey was flat out sleeping on his desk. I faked a few coughs as I wadded up a piece of paper. My teacher looked at me.
“Do you need a drink from the fountain Braeden?” He asked.
“I’m good. Thank you.”
As my teacher turned his back to write something on the smart board I threw the wadded paper at Joey. It hit his head and he didn’t even flinch. Nate and I tried not to laugh.
“Quiet back there,” the teacher said and went on talking about the equation he was explaining.
Saturday I had nothing going on so I spent most of the day at the skateboard park with my buddies. It was awesome. I saw Tyler with some of his friends over on the basketball court. When he took a break I went over to say hey. We are both looking forward to the last day of school. The six of us had decided to head to the park after the last day of school and party. Tyler’s Dad is going to barbeque hotdogs and we each decided what to bring. Mrs. Dunley is coming for a while and offered to bring ice cream bars. We all invited some of our friends so it should be fun. I bought a bunch of water balloons. Tyler took half to fill up at his house. I’ll fill the rest at my house. It is probably going to take a while.
At dinner my Dad asked what my brother and I planned to do this summer. He has this crazy idea that both my brother and I should get summer jobs. How lame. I told him most jobs want you to be over 16 so it wouldn’t work for me. He then suggested I babysit, mow lawns, help neighbors with odd jobs, or he could see if his company is hiring. Yeah, maybe I’ll start a lemonade stand Dad! Jeez. No way would I work at his office. I’d probably just be a goffer or help file papers or something stupid like that. I told him I’d look into it. I mean maybe I could work part time if the skateboard shop by the lake needed some help. I hear those guys get a big discount on all their merchandise. That would be sweet. Otherwise I think I’ll just spend my time skateboarding, making art, and I may be putting together a garage band with a few friends.
My Dad told Liam to apply at fast food places and grocery stores. I’d love to see that. I’d give him such a hard time.
Sunday Liam and I were supposed to be cleaning the garage but I started drumming away on my drum set while Liam was playing around with an old motor bike. My parents were not too pleased when they returned from running errands. My Mom said she was especially disappointed in me since I have made so much progress lately. What does getting side tracked from cleaning the garage have to do with my grades anyway? Liam and I got some work done. I found my old Etch A Sketch which I was pretty excited about. It’s still cool if I say it’s cool.
My Dad talked to me after dinner about not sliding back into old habits this summer. He wants me to stay focused and do my best at everything. Whether it’s cleaning the garage, getting good grades, or making a great painting. I told him I got what he was saying and promised not to get lazy or fall back into old habits of procrastinating and stuff. I mean it does feel good that my parents have been proud of me. I was feeling kind of proud of myself too. Especially for helping to make some positive changes at my school. It won’t be easy but I can keep working harder at stuff. Maybe I will even look into a part time job. It would be cool to make my own money and to spend it on whatever I please. I wonder if I could borrow my Grandpa’s riding mower. That wouldn’t be so bad.
As I was getting ready for bed Liam burst into my room. “Hey butthead,” he said.
“Get out, I’m going to bed,” I said.
“Chill dude. I just wanted to say your painting is pretty sick,” Liam said.
“Yeah right.”
“What? I’m being serious,” said Liam.
“What’s the punchline? You’re painting is sick, like gnome’s puked all over it?”
“Haha! Good one. But no. I’m serious. I just wanted to say it doesn’t suck. So…goodnight,” said Liam. He left my room.
I lay down in bed wondering what in the heck that was all about. Possibilities I came up with:
1. My parents paid him or threatened him into saying something nice to me.
2. He lost or broke something of mine.
3. That ‘Liam’ was an alien impostor.
4. He is trying to throw me off for something really mean he’s going to do to me.
5. He was sniffing fumes in the garage or I did and imagined the whole thing.
6. Or he felt like saying something nice for a change. Yeah right! Cross this one off the list.
Now the question is should I sleep with one eye open? Or maybe that is what he wants! So I won’t. I’ll get a goodnight sleep and show him.
The last day of school was finally here. My locker was cleaned out yesterday. So today was just our final award assembly, sitting around talking and signing yearbooks. Savannah, Ben, Sawyer, Zoey, Tyler and I were all called up for a special award. It was basically for a job well done and all our hard work bringing art into our school. We got a standing ovation which was pretty cool. This is how I imagine it feels to be a rock star. I was asked to sign way more yearbooks then I ever have before too. After all this I’m going to be like a legend here next year. Yeah, I think next year is going to be my year. I’ll be a ninth grader, the leaders of the school.
The last half hour we got to go to the gym and just sign yearbooks. When the final bell rang everyone went nuts. We were all hugging each other goodbye, some kids were crying, and there was a lot of excited loud voices. I went over to Tyler, Ben, and Sawyer. We were high-fiving. Then Zoey ran over and hugged each of us. Tyler and I pretended to cry and hugged each other. Then I saw Savannah hugging Ben. She turned and walked toward me to hug me. So I went in for the hug and somehow our lips just met. We kissed. She looked at me and said “Whoa.” Then we kissed again.
I heard Ben say, “Whoa, I did not see that coming.”
Then Zoey said, “I don’t think they saw that coming!”
Savannah and I looked at each other. I think we both shocked ourselves.
Tyler slapped me on the back, “Dude! You…”
Before he finished I said, “Not a word. Anyone.”
“Okay dude,” said Tyler. He laughed but I knew he understood. I needed to process this new development and I’m sure Savannah did too.
Savannah smiled. She turned to Zoey. “So, are we ready to party?”
“Looks like you are,” Zoey laughed.
“Alright, no awkwardness here, let’s go to the park people,” said Sawyer.
We followed the crowd of students toward the entryway and outside. Teachers and the principal were all lined up outside saying goodbye.
Principal Callahan told us to have a great summer and that she expected great things from us next year.
We stopped at the cross walk.
“What are we going to do next year that can possibly top this year?” Asked Zoey.
“Our school could really use a comedy class,” said Ben.
“Dude, you need to improve your jokes that’s for sure.” Said Tyler.
“Funny, you know you guys love my jokes. Right?” Said Ben.
We all started to cross the street. I offered my arm to Savannah. She smiled shyly and put her hand through.
“Guys, I’m funny right?” Asked Ben.
“Yes Ben, you are funny,” said Zoey.
We all went down the hill to celebrate all afternoon in the park. This was going to be a great summer.
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