Bonus Yearbook page!
Mountainview Middle School
Home of the Mountain Lions
School mural painted by: Braeden Coleman, Savannah Hoffman, Ben Woodruff, Sawyer Mullen, Tyler Lynch, and Zoey Anderson.
Eighth Grade
Collins ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~Braeden Coleman ~~~~~~~~~~ Andrea Conl
Hoffa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Savannah Hoffman~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tatiana
Seventh Grade
Andelman~~~~~~~~~~~~~Zoey Anderson~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Joseph
Lyman~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tyler Lynch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brandon
Mulich~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sawyer Mullen~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Zachery
Wommack~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ben Woodruff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ashley
Dearmond~~~~~~~~~~~Mrs. Daphne Dunley~~~~~~~~~~~~Mr.Harvey
Mr. Dan Phillips
Junior Janitors create a mural and work to add art classes to the curriculum next fall.
From Left: Principal Rebecca Callahan, Zoey Anderson, Braeden Coleman, Ben Woodruff, Tyler Lynch, Savannah Hoffman, Sawyer Mullen, and Mr. Dan Phillips
Mrs. Daphne Dunley to teach art classes next fall.
From left: Braeden Coleman and Mrs. Daphne Dunley
Helping to paint school mural.
Eighth grader Savannah Hoffman
Most likely to become a couple:
~~~~~~~~~~~Braeden Coleman and Savannah Hoffman~~~~~~~~~~~~
No need for graffiti.
Mountainview Middle School will now offer art classes to students from 7th-9th grade.
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