The Underground
I opened my eyes. Darkness. Again.
I can’t tell how long I’ve been in this underground prison, but it’s been long enough for me to be able to feel my mind begin to slip.
With no one else here to keep me company, except the few bats that live in the cave, I’ve befriended the little rabbit -that I named Pluff- that often comes to visit me. In the extremely dim light -coming from an unknown source- I can just make out his little hopping form and large ears.
I sat up, my head nearly touching the dirt ceiling of my cave-like cell. I used to be claustrophobic in the confining space, but everything is beginning to feel less urgent and important lately. That is, besides one thing. Escape.
I once again began to think about escaping the prison when a hopeful thought popped into my head.
How does Pluff come and go? Maybe the rabbit knows the way out!
I picked up the little fluff-ball and tried to ask him though I knew he wasn’t going to give me a response.
“Where’s the escape route? How do you get out Pluff?” I asked sweetly.
As I held Pluff in my dirty hands, I felt strange patches of matted fur on the sides of his little body.
“What happened to you Pluff?” I grabbed the plate of food next to me, which I find mysteriously -beside the moss I sleep on- every morning.
I lifted a slice of bread from the plate and broke off a small piece. Giving the piece to Pluff, I ravenously tore into the bread and the rest of the dry and tasteless food and then drank some dirty water dripping from one of the stalactites that shakily clung to the ceiling.
As I began to slowly crawl back, a very unsettling voice broke the silence.
“Had enough to eat?”
I slide away from the corner of the cave where the voice came from.
Is there another person in here with me?
“Who are you?” I shouted.
“Does that really matter Leah?” the voice sighed sarcastically.
How’d he know my name?! How do I even know that’s my name?
I saw the faint outline of Pluff running away, I wanted to follow him, but I certainly did not want to encounter the person who that voice belonged to.
Escape is more important! and this is the perfect opportunity.
I started crawling through the cell as fast as I could, desperate to be free.
I saw Pluff’s shady outline before me nearing the other end of the cave where I’d heard the voice coming from. I sped ahead anyway.
I stumbled, since the low ceiling forced me to race on my hands and knees.
The roof above me was sloping upward drastically - I can stand up! - and the air was becoming thinner -less humid and stale.
I’m getting out!
I stood up straight, pausing only briefly to admire that I could now stand, and then broke into a sprint. I heard a chitter and the beating of bat’s wings as Pluff reached the end of the cave and disappeared.
“Why?” I cried in exasperation.
“Were you trying to escape?” the voice called out from from a few feet behind me. “If there was an escape, you wouldn’t be able to find it.”
I was scared, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t offended.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” I screamed while I ran, my voice cracking from dehydration.
A bat swooped over my head, it’s beady eyes glowing, and disappeared into the darkness just like Pluff.
“See you tomorrow Leah! What’d you think? Meet here at the usual spot?” the voice echoed.
There’s no escape from this prison!
I sat down and sighed, pulled my knees to my chest and leaned against the wall of the cave.
What I thought was the wall.
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