Nobody knows his name
The universe is all fun and games until someone breaks it
Just a normal day
Mike Saddelton is such a snitch. Nobody just tells people that someone else, lets take me for example, is a time-traveller. Of course, nobody would believe Mike because he lies through his teeth, but it was still a bad thing to do. Now all he is trying to do is get people to find out and call the police. Because last time he called the police it was because someone broke into his house. It was his dad. Not the person who broke in, it was his dad on the phone. And who broke into the house? Him. And how did he find out about me being a time-traveller? No clue.
I am leaving school when something calls over the loud-speaker:”Can the boy with emerald green eyes, dark teal hair, pale skin, intergalactic-looking watch, and...clothed 16 year old please come to the office?” I sigh. Thats me. Why have I been cursed with constantly getting in trouble? I walk to the office and glare daggers at the lady behind the counter. She has white hair, pointy cat-eye glasses, sharp nails, and by the looks of things, she doesn’t look impressed. Next to her is a smirking Mike Saddelton. “Kid, you are in trouble.” Says the lady at the counter. See? “It’s not MY fault Mikes reaction is funny when you put live fish in his locker!” The lady sighs.

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