The first of maybe many books
The Unspoken Story Of Tag ol on
Before We Meet Our Hero’s
This is a tale of a planet, that fell for a hooded mans trick. But before we talk about our hero’s, lets talk about how this hooded man was able to get under these peoples noises. One fine day in the land of tag ol on, a man, thought to be a thief, was actually a a honored king. Without knowing there was actually evil kings, they took the bait. He was giving rings and crystals, but at no cost. Or so they thought. They did pay, but not with cash. He returned 5 years later, with a frown on his face. He said, “Hello friends, i’m here to collect my pay”. But with no idea what he was talking about, they said back,”This wasn’t free”?! His whole body froze, his face twitched, and he screamed, “WHAT”!!! Then his eyes turned from red to dark, dark, purple. His hand started glowing random colors. Soon he walked up to a man, and he put his hand on him. His eyes shattered with color for a moment, then his whole body changed colors, then all of his skin tuned a shade of dark purple before his eyes flashed white, and his skin turning fully black. The hooded man laughed, and then did this to every body living on the grounds of tag ol on. all but 4 lucky lives were able to be freed by a man, a man named links. he was a mage, and he shot white rain in the sky. It was 4 drops of those white drops. And it happened to hit the head of our hero’s.
To Be Continued...

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Chapter 2

Our Hero’s and How Magic Came To Be

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