The Valley of Monsters
The Unseeable
The grass waved back and forth, almost human-like, waving at her.The moons shined bright, like a light, leading me to another world. Of course, Brittany couldn’t go there. She had to fix her arm malfunctioning again. Her arms was bulky. Like if 3D circles were attached to a thin iron rod, and at the end, her metallic fingers. Her friend, Devon was perched on her driveway. He was a deer, with branches for horns.
“ Devon, hand me the screwdriver.” Asked Brittany, holding out her hand.
Of, course, Devon handed her the screwdriver, with an annoyed grunt.
“ Hold on...”
Devon grunted angrily, knocking over Brittany’s box of old parts.
“ Devon!!” Yelled Brittany, running to the tools which were scattered across the floor. “Really?? All this because you’re still a deer?”
Devon stomped his hoofed down, making the cement crumble and grass to grow in large amounts.
“ De-“ started Brittany. Then a loud, KE-THUNK, scared Devon into running away.
Brit or Brittany, carefully walked toward the noise. She reached out with her with her metal hand, carefully approaching the mess.
“Chchch, come out,chchcch.”
A faint glow flicked and behold a Scatmouse. A mouse full of nothing but darkness. Only six little green eyes and a feathered tail which was rainbow colored made it different from a Scitmouse.
Brit groaned. “Stupid mouse...Shew!!”
The mouse did not run away, but instead ran into Brit, giving her six green eyes, and a feathered tail.
“ Ahhh!” Screamed Brit, surprised that it did that. She felt her eyes and tail and tried to calm herself.
“Ok, ok...just breathe...everything’s going to be just-“
“ Yikes!” Exclaimed a voice.
Brit turned. Oh, only Malamite. She thought.
“Oh, Brit! Rookie mistake...shew to a Scatmouse sounds like a mating call, so he fused with you, thinking you were a possible mate.” Malamite said, laughing.
Malamite, was floating atop his dragon, his half-shaved head shaking with laughter.
“Oh, man...Malamite, how do I get out of this mess?”
Malamite laughed and shruged. She yanked his arm, burning him with her newly upgraded hand.
“Ahhh!” He yelled, clutching his hand, which now had a hand shaped scar. “OK, ah, you need a bucket of...goat blood-hahahahaah!!!” Malamite laughed.
Brit stomped her foot. “Seriously??” He nodded. “Great!Well, come on!”
Malamite shrugged. He transformed into a pegasus, and Brit hopped on, to find the lair of Galalia.

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Chapter 2

The King of the Mountains

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