The Wall and The Maze by Ebony5B

By ebony
The Wall
The Maze
the wall and the maze.
“Are you ready to go in this maze, the one we have been dreaming of forever, not many people have come out of here safely, remember.” Reminded Isabel.
“I’m ready,” whispered Mia
“Then let’s go” They said together
The girls took their first step into the maze holding hands, Isabell felt Mia’s hand sweating because she was so nervous.
They came to a fork Mia wanted to go left but Isabell wanted to go right they didn’t split this time but they still couldn’t decide whether to go left or right they agreed with straight turned a sharp left a slither right down a laneway crossed a bridge and bang there was a wall
But it wasn’t and ordinary wall it was an abandon black rock wall with a lady on it who was singing an important thing about the maze Isabell could tell this was important listen Mia they are saying something important they listened carefully from the tip of their ears
Find the graves,
Take her to the cave,
She may already be there,
Then crack the code, in the cave,
Bring her back to me,
My name is Mauve grave,
We should listen to it, it seems important she could be in danger hurt or even dying we have to help her first find the graves.
They took a left then right kept following the path then up the hill back down and bang first one grave then another Mia could have sworn she saw over 100 graves Isabell’s tear slithered of her face from her eyes to the dirt and the soft cool breeze dusted it away we have to find the graves reminded Mia well we found them argued back Isabel.
Well the girl on the wall her surname is grave maybe we are looking for her daughter. Then what are you waiting for let’s start looking for her they set off suspiciously who is this grave girl remember once we find her. I think she will be on a wall like her mum then we will go to every dead end. Come on I saw one to the left a wall with someone okay let’s see if it is her they walked in to see if it was her but it wasn’t it was Angelina bones then it was Abby smith sunny ding Richard flora ginger (a cat) then they found one in the cave it was her finally, finally, finally sighed Mia, are you Mauves daughter asked Mia cautiously yes and I haven’t seen her ever can you help me find her, yes sure the girls replied, we are here to help at your service said Isabel that is pretty lame sniggered Mia, Agreed said Mauves Daughter. Okay your mum told us that we have to bring you to the cave and you should know a code that will then help us get your mum out of the wall to be free forever yes I do know a code that dad would always use to whisper in my ear very quietly
A, E, F, G, T
They walked to the cave all trembling and scared but they all knew this had to be done when the y got to the cave.
Okay what was the code you said to get the riddle for your mum to crack and answer ah A, E, F, G, T mauves daughter repeated thank you what is the riddle Bella asked Mia ah
Crack me open crack my soul,
Let me free so I can unlock everyone
Who needs a key help them recover and discover
And let them free
Crack me open crack my soul I got it
But it also says here you can take this for a penny and just play it to the person you need to crack I have an old penny my mum gave me before she went onto the wall okay well we need it please to get your mum out of the wall okay said Mauves daughter they raced to her mum her they played it so gracefully she slowly was wrinkling out of her position forever and slowly collapsed on the floor hey all got her up Isabell said I am done in here so Mauve showed the secret way out of the maze by opening a secret red door in the middle of the maze that all 3 of them walked past several times
(this is mauve all free)
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