The Wilderness
Lilly and Iris rode along the river in a long wooden kayak. Lilly paddled as Iris read Anne of Green Gables.
“Can we switch? My arms are getting tired,” Lilly asked. Iris looked up from her book. She nodded. Lilly and Iris stood up and Lilly stepped cautiously around Iris, but Lilly made a wrong step, causing the kayak to flip over. Iris screamed, but it soon turned into a strange gurgling sound as she descended into the cool waters of Spring Rivers.
“Nice going,” she laughed as her head peaked out from under the water’s surface. Iris looked around. She couldn’t find Lilly.
“Lilly? It’s not funny! Just come out,” Iris called. She began to panic. Iris and Lilly were best friends, and so were their parents. Iris’s parents would be so disappointed if she let something happen to Lilly. But something cold and slimy grabbed Iris by the leg, and she yelled.
“Water snake!” Iris screamed. Lilly shot out of the water and laughed like a madman.
“You should’ve seen your face!”
While Lilly giggled and laughed, Iris folded her arms on her chest and pouted.
“It wasn’t that funny, Lilly,” pouted Iris.
“Oh, yes it was!”
Little did they know that while they giggled and talked, they slowly drifted towards Spring Falls, which was about a 30,000 feet fall.
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