his old eyes have missed nothing
The Wise Owl
The Wise Owl
Deep in the forest there lives a wise old owl. Even though you have never seen him, he is there, watching. He has lived there for several millennia and he has seen everything. He has watched the snowfall in the winter and the rainfall in the spring. In the summer he watches the flowers grow and in the autumn he watches the leaves fall. He has watched the stream rage and die out. He has watched new trees grow and he has watched loggers cut them down. He has watched the animals thrive and the animals die. His old eyes have missed nothing.
He is in charge of keeping the forest alive. Whenever there is a drought he cries his great tears to re-wet the ground. Whenever there is a flood he blows upon the sky to blow away the rain clouds and show the sun. Because of this the forest lives in perfect harmony. Everyone in the forest loved the wise owl for he made their lives as perfect as possible. But even though many loved him, there were still one who didn’t. He was The Dragon.
The Dragon has lived a tough life. His father was a very vicious creature. He loved destruction and suffering. He mistreated his wife and when The Dragon was born his mother feared for his safety. In the middle of the night, she tried to sneak out and away from her husband with The Dragon. But, her husband caught her act and her child was stolen from her. As if that weren’t enough, he also banished her to the Islands Of Loneliness, where he knew she would soon die of depression. Then, he raised his son to be just like him. He taught him to blow fire and to destroy anything in his way. He taught him to hate his enemies and how to defeat them. He taught him how to kill.
The owl was always on the lookout for The Dragon for she knew of the destruction he had caused and what he would do to his forest. Little did the owl know that The Dragon was planning. The Dragon had been planning for 70 years and his plan was thought out very well. So well, in fact, that he was ready to strike.
He swooped into the forest and spewed fire all over the trees. The creatures ran desperately trying to escape the heat. The trees stood tall and watched the chaos as they burned to the ground. The river let out a desparate hiss as it evaporated into nothing. The owl tried everything he could to help the forest stay alive but The Dragon had thought of everything and his power was too strong.
When The Dragon had caught the whole forest on fire he flew back to his home, far, far away where the owl couldn’t get to him. He left the forest to burn out and the owl to watch it.
When the fire had cleared, the forest was no longer green. It was a dark charred gray. Almost every animal had died and those who didn’t fled to look for better living conditions. The trees were all burnt to the ground, not one was taller than a foot high. The river bed was completely dried out. The owl looked out at the dismal scene as a single tear rolled down his cheek.
And so he waits. Waits for some living thing to return. He waits for just one animal to come back to his forest. He waits for a single tree to sprout out of the ashes. For he has been there for his whole life and he has no intention of leaving know. So he sits and waits, his old eyes looking out on his once beautiful forest.
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