The Wizard Of Oz, With A Pinch Of Sweetness
The Wizard Of Sugar Land
The Wizard Of Sugar Land
Meet Daisy Beckett, your typical 13 year old girl. Daisy lived on a small farm with her Aunt Laura and Uncle Joe. They were definitely not the wealthiest people in Kansas, but they still lived on.
One day, there was a severe twister watch in their city. And they knew what that meant. TAKE COVER!
“Daisy, get in the shelter, now! And take your dog, JoJo too!” Screamed Aunt Laura.
But Daisy was too late. The shelter slammed shut with a gust of wind. Daisy and JoJo ran in the house, and sprinted to Daisy’s room. As Daisy was running, her window shattered and hit her head. Daisy was knocked out and could not get up.
After about 1 hour, the twister was over, and Daisy began to lift her body up. She couldn’t remember anything that had happened. When she opened the door to walk out of her room, she did not see anything familiar. Was she still in Kansas?
Daisy walked out of her room. She saw little people carrying candy, little Gingerbread homes, and everything was created out of simple candy!
“Hello ma’am. I am Linus Lollipop. How do you do?” Said a little munchkin boy.
“Um, hello, sir. I am Daisy Beckett..” Stuttered Daisy.
“Pleased to meet you. The Evil Candy Witch of the East is dead at last! But the Evil Candy Witch of the West is still alive, and out to get us.” Said Linus. He was happy at first, but faded to sad when talking about the West Witch.
“Who exactly are those witches?” Questioned Daisy, feeling clueless.
“Oh! The West and East Candy Witches are sisters, and enemies. We are all very happy that the East Witch died, because they were both out to get us munchkins. But what’s bad, is that the West Witch is still alive. Which, is bad because she can still get us.”
“I see. So, anyways, 1st of all, where are we? And 2nd of all, how do I get back to Kansas?” Said Daisy.
“1, we are in Sugar Land, and 2, you have to follow the Pink Brick Road. Once you find Sugar City, talk to the Wizard and he’ll grant your wish of going home!” Replied Linus.
“Okay, then..!” Said Daisy.
“Go! What are you waiting for!” Shrieked Linus Lollipop.
Daisy started to walk across the Pink Brick Road.
As she was walking, she found a tall man standing in the corn fields with his arms horizontally out.
“Hi, sir.” Said Daisy.
“Hello. I am the Scare-Sour. My job is to scare away the Sour Patch Birds, who try to eat the Corn. May I ask, who are you miss?” Said the man.
“I am Daisy Beckett. I have to follow this Pink Brick Road until I get to Sugar City. Then I have to get my wish of going home granted.”
“Why, I have a wish I need myself. I need a brain. I just can’t think straight ever!” Called out the Scare-Sour.
An idea popped into Daisy’s head. “Okay. Well, you shall come with me then. Then we can both get our wishes all in 1 trip!”
Scare-Sour and Daisy skipped down the Pink Brick Road until they got to another person. It was an skinny lady made of tinfoil candy wrappers.
“Grunt, reep!” Said the lady. She was rusty and oily, and couldn’t speak clearly.
Daisy grabbed the oil can sitting by the lady’s feet. Daisy squirted oil everywhere the lady seemed she needed it. Instantly, the lady came to life and started dancing!
“Hi guys! I’m Tina Tinfoil!” Said the lady.
“Why hello there. I’m Daisy Beckett, and me and Scare-Sour are looking for Sugar City. We need to see the Wizard to get our wishes granted.” Said Daisy.
“I also have a wish. I need a heart.” Said Tina Tinfoil.
“You can come with us then as well. Let’s go!” Said Scare-Sour.
They all skipped across the Pink Brick Road until they stopped and found a Lemon Drop Lion. He was crying.
“Hello, can we help you?” Said Tina. “Are you okay?”
“I just need some courage. I’m so scared and un-assured all the time. Who are you guys?” Said the Lemon Drop Lion, through tears.
“I’m Daisy, and this is Tina Tinfoil and Scare-Sour. We’re off to see the Wizard to get our wishes granted in Sugar City. Wanna come?”
“Oh yes please! It would be an honor to come!” Said the Lemon Drop Lion.
The quad suddenly got to Sugar City.
“Hello, I’m Ernie, the City Keeper. Please come in the door on the right to see the Wizard. Please come in the door on the left to access more information.” Said Ernie.
The 4 of them walked into the door on the right.
Once 3 of the wishes were granted, Daisy was still left over.
“Come forward, and click your heels 3 times. Say ‘There is no place like home’ each time you click your heels. Then, you’ll be home...” Said the wizard.
Daisy did as so, and slowly found herself waking up from a dream.
“Where was I? Wait. That was just a dream!!!!”
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