[The Wizard’s Quest] by ALLAN5FR

[The Wizard’s Quest]
Wizard Maurice [ Chapter One ]
One month ago there was a good wizard named Wizard Maurice. He ruled many lands just to protect the states as the people’s king. He received a quest to capture the evil princess’ magic. Her name was Morgana. He received his quest many days after he started protecting Camelot from evil sorcerers, the quest was sent by his master, Gaius.
Chapter Two
A knight of the Old Religion came into Camelot and challenged The Prince of Camelot, whose name was Arthur, to a fight. Morgause, a Knight of the Old Religion, challenged Arthur to a fight to the death. Morgause defeated Arthur but instead of killing him, made him swear an oath to meet Morgause in the High Priestess’ Land and do whatever she commanded him to do.
Chapter Three
So Arthur disobeyed his father’s orders and left to venture off to The High Priestess’ Land. He obeyed Morgause. She said, “Place your head on the board and I’ll grant you one wish, or anything you desire.” Arthur replied with a bit of excitement, “You said you know something about my mother, so tell me what you know about her!”
Chapter Four
So Arthur obeyed and Morgause picked up the sharp axe and placed it on his neck, but she didn’t chop off his head. But instead she let him go and granted his wish, he asked “What do you know about my Mother?” Morgause replied “What if you wanted to see her?”
Chapter Five
She asked, “Arthur, close your eyes.” Then she started whispering in a foreign language which was part of the enchantment and so his wish was granted to see his mother. His mother, Hisuorth said, “Do not blame your father for what he’s done. He used magic to create you, but used me as the heart of the magic. He only wanted an heir to the throne and continue the history of the Pendragons.”
Chapter Six
So Arthur went back to Camelot with much furious rage because of what his father did, and Arthur didn’t get to see his mother by the time he opened his eyes. He threw his chain-mail Goblet on the floor with anger and said, “Pick it up!” But his father denied the order from his son. Arthur started battling Uther, his father, and he was losing.
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