An Adventurous journey with the half-wolf, half-dog
The Wolf Dog
The Starving Wolf Pack
It was a cold night; a hungry pack of wolves searched for prey. One of the males started to growl and show their teeth. The other wolves stared at the direction the growling wolf was looking. Soon they were all drooling. Men sitting by a campfire, cooking tasty fish. The leader of the pack, Luna, signaled the others to crouch behind the bushes, and wait. One of the men stood up, and panned across the campsite. Then, he stopped. He moved towards the bushes the pack was hiding in; he saw the wolves’ eyes glare at him, then, he cried to the other men, “Wolves! Wolves! Run!” The second the man said wolves, the starving pack jumped all in at once. The four men knew there was no escape, so one of them threw a chunk of meat near one of the tents. Luna sprinted to the tent with the meat next to it, signaling half of her pack to follow. There were fourteen members, and the other half surrounded the men. One of the terrified men jumped over one of the snarling wolves and made a run for it, but before he could reach 50 feet, three of the pack members chased him, tripped him, and killed him. Luna grabbed the steak next to the tent, and ran. The other wolves followed her with mouthfuls of fish. The three other men ran to a tree and climbed it, hoping the pack had not followed them. They did not.
Luna once lived in an Indian village where some men in the tribe gave her the name Luna. Even though “Luna” was such a delicate name, she was very fierce. She had the body of a husky sled-dog, and the heart of a wolf. Luna was half-wolf, half-dog.
Luna’s mate’s name was Buck, who used to be a member of a clan. His name in the clan was Spirit-Wolf; the wolves would call him Spirit.
Luna lead Buck and the pack to a stream. There, they found a nice, cozy cave to rest in for the night. All the wolves were carrying juicy fish in their mouths, and they were very hungry. Each pack member placed the fish in front of their feet, and waited hungrily for Luna to give them the signal to eat. After Luna and Buck ate their fish, the other wolves started ripping their own fish apart, eating the pieces one by one, tossing them into their mouths with their sharp teeth. When all the wolves were done eating, Luna went outside the cave, and howled. The other pack members joined her, howling at the bright moon. Crows flew out of trees’ leaves, cawing.
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