romance, supernatural, action,
the wolfgirl
this into am telling should I make this a book?
I look out the window of the new house that I just bought for the pack. Know that my mom and dad are gone am the leader of the pack. Both my mom and dad said “when we are gone she is to be leader till she dies”. The pack was respectful towered me and my family mostly because my father and mother was a fair leader. That was in till one night we were attacked. By vamps they said “ur leader has killed one of our members” and just like that they went for us but we were too strong for them but that’s when they got ahold of me.”alright that’s better know if the two leaders can step out please” they both stepped both my mom and dad they grabbed each others hands “know young one” witch I was like 7 this was the day I also found out I could turn into a wolf but back to what happen “you are going to watch ur parents die and feel the pain we did when we found our comrade dead” he had hissed in my ear I shuddered “don’t please don’t” I yelled to them but it was to late both my mom and dad were one the ground head detached from their body and I fell on my knees in front them an cried my fellow wolfs joining comforting me. Well that how I ended up at a new house I figured my first action of new leader take them somewhere new and safe were the cant find us and I picked here a small town in Michigan in a community called lakeside and a new high school witch is also named lakeside ugh. Sense we moved here my hearing gotten better along with my eyesight witch I don’t need glasses anymore am the strongest wolf in the pack and I smell even the smallest things my hair that use to be short is know all the way down to my waist I DIY my hair a lot so that does not matter I may have a skinny and curvy figure but am really strong witch comes to a surprise to most people. I close the window my first day of school starts tomorrow so goodnight I have a feeling tomorrows going be a long day .
BY. Bella (note) to reader let me know if I should continue this is just an intro plz comment give me ideas no ideas are bad one
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