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The World of Literacy
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Jasmine. She loved to learn. Her love for learning made her discover all the different ways to do it.
When Jasmine was trying to decide the different ways to learn, she realized she needs to know the different types of literacy.
She knew that the most important literacy is the ability to read and write. But she loved the idea of getting to add more imagination. Using visuals to learn different things gave her just that. She was able to imagine herself on the moon as her teacher showed her pictures of it.
Jasmine discovered that technology is a huge part in the new literacies. She could learn about the wild frogs from videos on the internet. She could make up songs to learn about all the bones in the body. Her teacher was able to have a whole presentation show on the computer screen, to teach the events that happened in history. One day, her teacher even had little gadgets for her and her peers to have in front of them. She was able to search for the answers herself. She was able to discover a different way to solve the problem. Jasmine realized that with all the technology, her learning possibilities were endless.
Jasmine also learned that media is a part of literacy. Her teacher showed her many things that made her be able to assess and analyze the information. She was able to figure out the outcome on her own. The teacher allowed for Jasmine to use her own brain. Jasmine loved that her teacher wasn’t just giving her the answers all the time. She also learned about health literacy. This gave Jasmine the tools to obtain information about being able to make healthy decisions in her life. She was able to process and understand the information. Because of this literacy, Jasmine knew a little bit more about how to live a healthy lifestyle.
Another great way to learn is cooperative learning. Jasmine loved learning from her peers in a group setting or partner setting. This was a way for the
students to view things differently. They were able to speak out and see the different points of views from there group or partner. Jasmine enjoyed learning how the others interpreted the information from the teacher. This showed Jasmine that every student has a different learning style. Some like to learn from reading the material while others would rather have someone explain it to them. Some students were more hands on while others liked listening to the teacher lecture. Jasmine was surprised at how the teacher had to change her teaching style to match so many children.
At the end of the day, Jasmine was a better learner. She knew that today in literacy you needed to not only teach reading and writing. She knew that there were different parts to it. You needed to think about what you were doing. You needed speaking, thinking, listening, and viewing. She also could never forget about how many different things she could do with technology to learn. Technology is a huge part in literacy today and she enjoyed that. All these different ways to learn, Jasmine knew she had to analyze, process, understand and obtain the knowledge in multiple different ways. Jasmine had a great day learning the different ways to learn. Today, Jasmine became a better 21st century learner.

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