The World’s Craziest Challenge
September 1st, 2018
Check out the summary for The World’s Craziest Love Triangle!! Thank you so much for reading! It means the world to me!
The wolf sat at the edge of a cliff. His ears pointed up, tail straight, nose up in the air, as he waited. He looked out into the forest below him. Waiting for his instincts to tell him what was about to happen, and when, and where. Then he knew.
The wolf took off, running down the mountain. Dodging every tree, soaring over every river. His instincts telling him every turn to make in order to stop the evil creature roaming the land from hurting the innocent being on the other side of the forest. But then it all went away.
The wolf suddenly become a man. A man that instantly filled with self-hatred from failing at saving the innocent human who could not defend themselves against the vampire that was more monster than anything.
The man knew the vampire had won and successfully got away. The disappointed man collapsed to the ground. He could see the humans face in his mind. He could see their eyes begging for help as their life was drained from their body.
He should have been there, he should of saved them, he should of killed that vampire. It’s what he was meant to do. He was given the power to destroy every vampire there was and to save all humans from being hunted by them. But he couldn’t use it. His wolf would disappear too soon, and he’d be back to his true self, then it’d be too late. That’s how it always went.
He struggled to get up from the ground. His body becoming weaker by the second. The world around him began to fade away. Then he heard a female voice, reaching out to him.
“Let me help you.” The voice said, he could hear them stepping closer to him.
“No. I don’t need your help. I don’t need anyone’s help.” He growled.
“I am the only one who can get you through this.” The voice said sternly.
“No. I can get through this on my own.” He growled again.
The morning talk show on the radio that began to play startled Kade awake. He slammed his hand down on his alarm clock and hit the off button. Then threw the comforter off of him, got out of bed, swung open his bedroom door and stomped downstairs.
Kade walked through the dinning room and into the kitchen. He could hear the garage door opening and knew his brother must be back from picking their parents up from the airport. He pulled out a coffee mug from the cupboard and roughly placed it on the counter top when the door coming from the garage opened up. He didn’t even bother to look to see who it was and continued to poor himself a cup of coffee.
“Good morning, Kade.” His mother’s voice said. He turned around and leaned back. The granite counter top felt cold against his warm, shirtless back.
“Morning.” He grumbled as he brought the coffee mug up to his lips. His father walked in next, wheeling two suite cases behind him.
“Oh, well you seem more grumpy than usual, Kade.” His father said. His brother Chase followed behind him with the remaining bags.
Angry footsteps sounded down the steps making their way towards the kitchen. Kade’s other brother Nash walked in the kitchen mumbling to himself, making small hand gestures. He went in the cupboard, pulled out a bowl, slammed it on the counter. Opened a drawer, dropped a spoon next to the bowl. Went in the pantry and came out with a box of cereal, he finally looked around at everyone as he walked to the fridge.
“What?” His voice boomed at his family members staring at him.
“Well Nash I’d say that you also seem more grumpy than usual, but this seems like typical behavior for you.” Their father said. Nash ignored him as he sat down at the kitchen island with his bowl of cereal.
“So, how was Colorado?” Kade asked his parents.
“It was great. We visited a beautiful wolf sanctuary.” His mom answered.
“Can we please talk about any animal other than a wolf.” Nash snapped.
“Yes, please.” Kade agreed.
“Maybe we should tell them now.” Their mom said to their dad.
“No, now doesn’t seem to be the best time.” He said back to her as they took their bags upstairs.
“Let me guess…” Chase began to say to his two brothers who seemed to be completely engulfed in their own thoughts. “You both had one of those dreams again.”
“Every time, it happens every time. As soon as I get to the vampire I’m back to myself, and he wins every single time.” Nash confessed.
“At least you get to the vampire. I’m not even half way there and I’m back to a man.” Kade said with a sigh.
Chyara clocked in for her day of work at the wolf sanctuary. She walked outside and made her way towards the main gate of the wolf habitat when she was reminded of her dream from the night before.
She was following a wolf through a forest. The wolf was hurt and whining in pain with every movement, but he wouldn’t stop. Chyara kept calling out to him, telling him to stop, that she can help him. But the wolf would only let out a growl as it would continue on. She followed him for what seemed to be miles, after awhile he let out a howl of pain, then fell over. Chyara slowly moved towards him, just as she was close enough to see where he was injured she woke up.
Chyara snapped out of her daydream once she spotted her stepdad, the owner of the sanctuary, watching the wolves run about.
“Have you told the Hunt’s your decision yet?” He asked once he saw her approaching him.
“I don’t even know what my decision is.” She answered.
“You should go, Chyara.”
“Why? What if it doesn’t work?
“From the way their parents made it seem, each of their sons have every werewolf ability, they just can’t get their bodies to go from man to wolf. You have told me your plan for men like that. If it doesn’t work, then I don’t know what will. All I do know is that if werewolves are returning, then something else must also be making a comeback. Do you remember how old they said their sons are?” He looked over at Chyara.
“I think they said 17,20,22,24, and 25.” She answered.
“Hmm…maybe the teenager will be their alpha, cause if the others were the alpha, I think they would of shifted by now. Anyways, if you are not able to help them at least you will make good money working at that vet office.”
“That’s really the only reason I would go.” Chyara said, not caring how selfish she sounded.
“Don’t be like that, Chyara. You’re just afraid because you don’t know what to expect. You have studied the culture that they and I both come from, you just got your degree in zoology, and you have grown up around the wolves here in the sanctuary. If anyone could do this, it’s you.” Her stepfather then walked away, leaving Chyara alone with her thoughts.
She opened the gate to the wolves habitat, she was immediately greeted by all the wolves she had formed close relationships with over the years. They waged their tails and pawed at her as she petted each of them.
“What do you guys think I should I do?” She whispered to the group of wolves before her.
“Howl once for no, and twice for yes.” She said laughing to herself. Her favorite wolf in the group took a step back and pointed it’s nose to the sky. He let out two soft, low howls. Chyara smiled.
“Well, I guess I will call Mr. and Mrs. Hunt tonight and let them know I’m coming. I’m going to miss you guys.”
Chyara was satisfied with her decision. She knew what she was going to chose to do the moment Mr. and Mrs. Hunt told her and her stepdad about their five sons with werewolf abilities. She was just looking for some sort of sign that it was the right thing to do.
The day was almost over, Mr. Hunt was sitting out on the patio with all his sons as they admired their beautiful view of the sunset. His phone began to ring. He pulled it out of his pocket and looked at the unfamiliar number on the screen. Knowing that it was most likely Chyara, he quickly stood up and walked around to the side of the house. The boys remained silent as they all eavesdropped on their father’s conversation.
“Oh, hi Chyara. How are you?”
“We’re good.”
“Really? This is going to be great.”
“Yes, we can pick you up from the airport. I can’t thank you enough for this Chyara, it means a lot.”
“We’ll see you then. Thanks again.”
“Have a good week.”
Mr. Hunt sighed a sigh of relief as he hung up the phone. He walked around to the back of the house. As soon as he turned the corner all five of his sons were staring at him in curiosity.
“Whose Chyara?” They all asked at the same time.
“Uhhh…” Mr. Hunt began to say. He hadn’t prepared himself for this conversation yet.
“She’s going to be our house guest for awhile.” He finally answered.
“Why?” They all asked in sync with each other.
“We met her in Colorado at the wolf sanctuary we visited.”
“Okay?” They all said as they waited for their father to elaborate more on this mysterious house guest.
“And she’s studied the native American culture and grew up around it. She’s heard all the stories of the legendary werewolves. She’s come up with an idea she thinks might work for you guys. Your mother and I invited her to come stay with us while she gets to know all of you and then she can finally try it out and possibly help all of you finally become wolves and stop stressing out about all this.” Mr. Hunt finally confessed. All his sons stared at him with their big golden-brown eyes, filled with anger.
“No.” They all groaned, except for the youngest one.
“It’s time you all get the help you need. This has gone on for too long.” He said looking at all of them.
“How is some girl going to help us?” Kade said sounding annoyed.
“She knows what she is doing.” Mr. Hunt answered.
“Yeah, well sounds like we are just going to be some sort of experiment to her.” Kade argued.
“She doesn’t know what we are going through. How can she help us if she doesn’t even know how challenging this is for all of us.” Ace joined in.
“It’s going to be impossible for some girl to get five men to transform into wolves. No matter how hard she tries or how much she knows, it doesn’t matter.” Nash added.
“Well I’m sorry you all feel this way. She’s coming here next week and all of you will let her help you. I am done sitting here, watching this tare all of you apart inside. I know all of you are grown men now, but I’m your father and I will always do what is best for each of you.” Mr. Hunt said, then went inside to tell his wife that Chyara will be joining them next week.
“This is ridiculous.” Chase whined.
“I don’t understand why mom and dad would think that some random girl would be able to do this.” Said Kade.
“I think she might actually be able to help us.” Blaze, the youngest, finally spoke.
“Of course you do…” Kade said rolling his eyes.
“Well,” Ace began to say with a more positive tone. “Maybe she’ll be hot.” He said with a smirk. All his brothers, but Kade let out a chuckle.
“It doesn’t matter what she looks like…she doesn’t belong here with us. Don’t even waste your time talking to her. The worse we treat her, the faster she will leave.” Kade said, then stormed inside.
“Out of all of us…I bet he will be the one to fall for her.” Nash said to his brothers as they all started laughing.
Chyara called her mom and stepdad after she got off the phone with Mr. Hunt. She would be taking off about four months from the sanctuary. She’d be leaving for California in about a week and spending almost two months there trying to help a group of five brothers she had never met. And then after that she’d be off to Italy to spend time her dad. At least while she would be in California she would be working for Mr. Hunt’s brother who owned a vet office near by. And he promised to pay her double from what she was making at the sanctuary.

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